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Game On – You Name It!

Friday Funday Challenge Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

The Rules are HERE
My advice – JUMP to question 11 😂

1] List 10 people [alive or dead] you would invite to dinner?
My family. It’s enough. I don’t want too big crowd around the table.

2] What are your goals to be achieved in the month of July 2018?
Stay healthy and happy. Nothing comes to my mind, because I won’t lie to you – I don’t have so many wishes… Simplify your life – this is what I’m trying to do. 

3] What is your earliest memory?
Playing with my friend from the kindergarten (in the box of sand).

4] What are your views on mainstream music?
Each culture, each genre has its own ‘mainstream’. I like different kind of music. I don’t remember the words anyway, so it’s all about the sound.

5] Where would you like to be in 7 years time?
I never think about it. I’m living in NOW. I can plan 3 months ahead, but that’s all.

6] What are the colour of your eyes?

7] Do you like word games – if so which ones?
Nope. I don’t like it. I don’t know so many words…but then there’re books after all – so helpful.

8] What are your favourite comfort foods?
Chocolate 70 – 85%  (I dislike white or milk chocolate, too sweet).
Potato pancakes with red caviar and sour cream – any day.

9] What animal would you like to have as a pet?
Shih tzu. It is my soul-dog. 


10] Classical music or not?
Yes. There’re no words, so it feels good. Don’t need to remember anything. 

11] 5 things about society that annoy you?

Envy + greed, and as the result  ‘consumerism’. No matter what people achieve – it is always GREENER somewhere else and it eats them up. 3-bedroom apartment? No, you need a 5-bedroom! Who’s going to stay in all those rooms?…
We will never reach a moment when we can say: ‘That’s it. Enough for me’.
There’s no ENOUGH anymore.
People are depending on material things to FEEL ANY SENSE OF HAPPINESS. Just think about it. It’s fkn scary!

Judgement and inequality – if you are poor, then you are stupid.
Just one example. I grew up in a very poor environment and many times I heard from people around – that YOU CAN’T do it, because you are NOT SMART ENOUGH. Why am not smart enough? Right, how can a poor child be smart? Is it even possible? 

Humanism (at some point; but I grew up with it too, it’s difficult to withstand)
We proud of it, aren’t we? Modern culture rejects the belief in a great cosmic plan, or in any purpose, only in CAUSE. In general we are growing up with the belief that WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE WANT IF WE CAN FIND THE WAY… 

We worship Humanity. It is our new GOD. We are the Gods. Because we are the source of meaning, and our free will (is it free after all??) is the highest priority.
To simplify: what I feel to be good is good, what I feel to be bad is bad.
In general our feelings provide meaning not only for our private lives, but also for social and political processes. Because we (each of us) KNOWS BEST. 

A couple of humanists mottos you grew up with (and me as well):

  • the voter knows best
  • if it feels good – do it
  • customer is always right
  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • Art is anything people think is art. (even Duchamp’s urinal? – yes, if people think it is a beautiful work of art – then IT IS…= humanism at its best) 

THE Real SOURCE of AUTHORITY is ‘only your feelings’…
I think it’s starting to be dangerous. 

Ego – people are self-centered, self-serving…everything is about SELF. In general we are living in a very SELFISH Society. 

12] How important is creativity to people?
Important. Without it we wouldn’t be able to build a hut from the branches.

13] Do you have any siblings?

14] Which 3 questions will you be deleting to add your own in?
I’ll delete questions 17, 18, 19 (because it’s easier).
And add for those who will answer:
17) You woke up as a Frankenstein. What will you do? 
18) You are a chef of the kitchen for the White House. What is on the menu today?
19) Google your name (only the name, without the last name) – tell us what Google tells you about it. 

15] Your favourite childhood movie?
‘Spring On Zarechnaya Street’, 1956

Trailer of Spring on Zarechnaya street from KINOPARK on Vimeo.

16] What traits do you display when nervous?
Talking a lot. Eating a lot. 

17] Are you healthy eater?
Yes. I’m eating 90 % healthy and organic. Mostly Ayurvedic food, according to my dosha.

18] Bullet point your day so far.
Wake up – bathroom (+cleaned my tongue) – dogs – yoga 20 min – breakfast – Blog – reading – dogs – Lunch – Blog – food shopping if necessary, plus cleaning, daily chores – reading, blog – football (right now) or film – dinner – dogs – Blog – yoga or reading

19] What are your 5 most favourite scents/smells?
Anything sweet but bitter

20] The three bloggers you are nominating are?

Margaret from SoulFood Blog

Next post – You know how writers are: they create themselves as they create their work


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