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Friday, the day for the language of leisure…

“Strictly speaking, there are no holidays for art;
art pursues you everywhere, and that’s just fine with the artist.”
From the book ‘The Piano Teacher’ 

‘You are too much, too much, too much, Ray… We have enough of you this week! More than enough,’ – you are probably saying. But Ray is refusing to take a day off. Because when Ray takes a day off – it continues for a week (at least) or a month. Or a year?

And you, yes, YOU – how could you forget, that every day a piece of music, a short story, or a poem ‘dies’ inside of your heart. If you keep it for yourself – it becomes mortal. And you are the one who kills it… Think! Take a pen. Write – write – write! 😉✌️

Now to the news:

News 1.
First of all I have deleted almost 100 posts yesterday (old, from 2016, when I started this blog). And I have to delete at least 50 more. Of course, I saved them on my laptop (just imagine that hell-of-a-job with a copy-paste). I’ve noticed that people doesn’t read them anymore. So the best I can do – is to re-write and re-post them on Becky All-Inclusive BlogOf course, I could link to those old posts here on Ray, but my ‘personal statistics’ says that only 10% of viewers clicks on the link = and read. 

If I have 100 likes on my post (from 2700 followers) ->
only 10 will click on the link to read the original post. 

My decision: I’ll re-write them as a totally new and re-post on Becky’s Blog, which is going to get 100 followers soon or are we already there? 

I see you are wondering, who are those 2700 guys and why the usual number of likes on my posts is around 100? Ray have checked that too.
First, it is summer, time to relax, chill and rest, enjoy the awesome weather and travel. People are on vacation = they are blogging much less than usually.
Second, I’ve checked around 600 blogs, and at least 450 of them (LOL) stopped blogging: February, March, April…
Still, they are probably ‘silently reading’ or will show up later in October – November.
Wrap up: delete —  re-write— repost.

Omg it is 400 words already! Should I finish? I know you are very tired today…It’s Friday after all. Time for the leisure. Fuuuulll Speed!

News 2.
2 of my followers created INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. Give them a follow, if you can. Seems they are really interested to swim in those crazy oceans of the social media and investigate how it would help them with the blogging. 

Author Kayla Ann  – @AuthorKaylaann – twitter

StonerOnARollerCoaster  – @stoneronarollercoaster – Insta

Advice from GRANT CARDONE and me: (I have only 6 accounts from my previous 60 lol) : tweet as often as you can, otherwise nobody will see you! At least 5-10 a day, at least 3-4 times a weeks. If you can share daily – do it daily. Tweet your older posts as well. 

Advice about Instagram: (I have 3 accounts) – learn hashtag, install follow-unfollow app, because people are people, they will unfollow you non-stop. You can also ‘communicate’ with your followers, make connections, but it will take a lot of time: to answer on all those ‘hearts’, ‘likes’, and comments. When are you planning to blog? Lol
Instagram is a great app to sale stuff though, if you have something to sale.

News 3.
Huge hug to those bloggers, who are always participating in my challenges and #coolprompts. I’ll get back to you later, Sunday or Monday, but right now:

If you love reading or writing poetry – check these guys out:
 – for older generation
Vaishali – for younger generation
Victoria Stuart  – I’m sure you already know the name, because I reblogged her post a couple of days ago.
And Grabba – with Music #5 – who is always grumpy 😂

News 4.
The Coffee-post is on the way -> this weekend.
The Book Review of ‘The Outsider’, Stephen King -> Monday or Tuesday. I’m still reading it. It goes slowly. Too slowly. It is definitely NOT a one-day-read. It is kinda a movie-book.

News 5.
Aaaaaaa! The last one, because I just hit 700 words. Are you still here? Tired? Just ‘LIKE’ this freakin’ post and go take a nap, ffs! 

I left only 5 categories on my page: 

What is My Memory in Jar? It is a new project, I’ll tell you more in July or August. If you’ll click on it now – a lot of posts will show up, mostly because it was a ‘Blogging’-category before. So do not get scared and have a little patience…

Extra share and love expect later this week!
You can read about #ONEPERSON, the post, written for my challenge on EarthWalkingWorld Blog
And for folks who love reviews (post about non-fiction book) – ThePastDueReview Blog

Have fun and watch football. ⚾️ 🏀 🏈
Stay happy – it is finally Friday! 

Next post – Coffeeeee all the way…down


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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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