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A smile out of control… – is the best thing

So, June 2018 is gone. 

Hello July! Be Good. And by Good I mean bring me health wealth happiness books tons of chocolate… or whatever awesome you can bring and send Ray’s way every day of the most warm summer-month. 

Bring a bottle of pilsner as well, because one of my followers is dreaming about it. Even his start-up-writing prompt was about  ‘Pilsner’!  😉


If you didn’t read my book review ‘Homo Deus’ – go and read it: Click. It is a #must, especially if you think YOU’ll NEVER READ this BOOK.

The new rule: can’t read the book – read Ray’s reviews! 

The plan for the next week is here: Weekly Teaser

I stuck with ‘vampires’ on Netflix and that means -> I didn’t write Psycho – Logical Tale ‘TIME’ for you. But it will be posted on Monday. Don’t worry, Mr NoTimeForNakedButts is on the way…
As well as the writing challenge ‘Fear the Fear’

I also would like to say ‘I love you’ to all the amazing bloggers who participated in my #coolprompts, challenges/or tags and to each of you, active badass-bloggers in the last weeks of June. 

Carpe Diem story from Chocobosage Blog

Carpe Diem from Alexandra

A Crooks Eye View with Photo Fiction

Michnavs with a poem ‘My Dreams’

A couple of words about ‘Cool Writing Prompts’. If you are going to participate in them, tag the post #coolprompts in the title of your post.  I’m following the tag, that means I can find you via #tag as well. Plus pingback to the post. 

I’m currently reading ‘The Outsider’ Stephen King (I dropped it, when I had a flu, but seems it is a cool book, so I’ll be done this week and post the review).

My vacation are just started. I mean the real one. I’m free for 6 weeks 💃🤪

I also got 5 coffees lol Thank you a lot, kind people. You are saving me from the coffee-thirst! 🍩☕️ Next week I’ll go and buy a coffee (real) and write a post about it as well. Stay tuned!

Remember: you can’t have everything – but you can read Ray’s Blog …and it is already A LOT. Because Ray want to see you happy! Always 🙂

“Let us always meet each other with smile,
for the smile is the beginning of love.”


Next post – Writing Challenge ‘Fear The Fear’


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