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‘Carpe Diem’ – via Crook’s Eye View #coolprompts

More than happy to share this AWESOME Response to ‘Cool Prompt’ of this week, the word – Carpe Diem

Crook's Eye View

Oh, I do love a good writing challenge. This one is based on a chosen photo – Carpe Diem.


I chose this picture from six total. Here’s my little story titled And She Was (thank you, Talking Heads!):

To really listen, one doesn’t need a hearing aid. No fancy attire is required. No marvelous intellect. It really comes down to one thing – open interest. A genuine ear.

She walked out and immediately caught my attention. Something told me she didn’t exactly want my attention, but she had it. She was stunning. What a woman was doing out in the woods dressed like that I had to find out. Summer dress and sandals dressed this woman down into what may have been proper attire. But why was she on my property?

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hello. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to traipse across your yard. Is this your…

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