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Magic always happens when…

 …when you are sharing something you love.

We, humans, are ruled by emotions. Our emotions are attached to the logic, but not to the cold and mathematical logic, because we are too social creatures for that. 

We want to create the meaning of life, and we want to do that To – Ge – Ther.
We want to create the dream, a fiction to live in.
We want to decipher the purpose of the world.
We want to understand the past and future and, of course, we want to rule this Universe. 

Yes, thats right. Haha 😂  But one very smart guy said: “even the voice of the consciousness undergoes mutation.” And the effect of that mutation – is always your choice. 

Let’s get back to the magic now.
Each your post is the magical planet. Your minds are spreading a huge amount of the energy through those simple words to every corner of the world. Do you feel it when you are writing your blog-posts?… I hope you do.

I’m going to share the pages, posts and most important – the magic (probably a couple of new names too) today. I believe their energy will touch your heart.

A. I. Alex  – who have created a very cool text for the Stalking Challenge. Time to learn some new languages 😎

Pointless Overthinking – who makes you think waaaay too much by questioning What is the best lesson you’ve learned from a movie?’ HA! we are 101% ready to answer, especially after Favourite-TV-SHOWS-FLU tag 😉

I am Jessica surprised me with the post ‘How to recycle your Dildo’. Yeah…I feel you wanna check this important information 😂

Jane Ridgewood – a cool sense of humor. Check her Challenge-post “TV for the Overdramatic Drama Queens That Don’t Handle Being Sick Well” 💃

Iscriblr – who is (as she said) the “needy-down-and-out” kind when it comes to being unwell…and that’s why she can’t live without Mr McDreamy 💕

Bitchin’ In The Kitchen – who’s waiting you in the dining room. But be careful. She is the one who would like to have the Power of causing uncontrollable diarrhea. Ouch 😱

A guy Called Bloke – who is always having fun with the blogging!

Denny with 3 days PHOTO CHALLENGE (just awesome ✅ )

Libre Paley – very FUNNY ‘SPIN A STORY’ post, I really enjoyed it 🤪

JimAdams – with a human coffee bean on the plate, how cool is that? 😅

Do not rush, you can always get back here and check, re-read… its good for you! 


Do not forget: there’re 2 pages with all ‘Challenges’ and Prompts (added once a week only) on my blog/web now. You can always find there and pick any challenge, especially if you love writing and plus the new follower. 

The plan:
I have only 1 post left, the book review – it will arrive on Monday.

I’ll post the plan for the common week on ‘Weekly Teaser’ tomorrow.
There’s 1 new writing challenge on the Becky’s Blog – check it, and if you’d like to participate – just grab it. If you’ll link (pingback) to Becky’s or Ray’s post – I’ll read and comment, as I always do. The challenge is called – #OnePerson – Check It Here

I’m going to post for Luke’s Copyright Blog tomorrow evening. It will be a post about ‘Sadness’, poor guy 😉
That’s all. Enjoy your Sunday!
Ray will meet you on Monday again (after the dentist, sigh). 

Next post – Book Review, on Monday


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"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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