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The Stalking Challenge

“When someone is stalking you because they think you are stalking them, it makes you wonder who really is the true stalker?” Shannon L. Adler 


  1. Pick any inanimate object (a noun).
  2. Describe the stalking situation with the help of 13 words or 13 sentences (max).
  3. You can add 1 video (or music link or any sound) – non obligatory
  4. You can add 1-2 photo – non obligatory
  5. The style and the genre of the writing – any.  
  6. Pingback to my post (not to the page!), so I can read and comment.
  7. Nominate 3 – 5 blogs if you like. Have fun!

My example (inspired by the book ‘Sleeping Giants’) 

‘Candy-crime’ – 13 sentences

A candy and the investigator in the room. Two other voices – outside of the room.

Trump’s voice: You don’t understand, she wanted to be eaten. She went crazy, lost her good damn mind, began tweet to me about 12,000 times a day ‘Eat me or die’. Of course I started to tweet more. It was a big surprise she got better tweeting-skills than me.
A candy’s voice: He’s lying. I told him to get the f””k out of my life and he came after me with his hunger and teeth. I end up with my body half-smashed…
Trump’s voice: Because she was cheating on me, I swear.
The investigator’s voice: Is it so?
A candy’s voice: He wrote me poems and tweeted them from Trump’s account, so what could I do?
Melania’s laugh: I’ve had my fun…

A candy – BEFORE


A candy – AFTER


I’m going to nominate:

Dronstad Blog  – Because the guy knows lots about the aliens and ‘cleaning mops’. I’m kinda scared to read what’s going to stalk him 😂

Ortensia – I just wanna know who’s is the biggest stalker in this family: the car or the lasagne? 👮‍♂️

A. Shepherdson Blog – I know he want to use those bouncing tits that follows him everywhere, or probably a bra? 😱

EDC Writing Blog –  Eri(k/c) with K or C…those letters are going to stalk him for the rest of his life, I guess…😉

Alexandra’s Blog – new gamer in Wp-family, she’s learning Chinese mandarin and one of the words is stalking her. Am I right? No?…Was it French? 

Paeansununplugged Blog – probably some ‘baking goodies’ lol? 

Or YOU, any of those ‘shy’ 2 575 other followers – LET the world know what’s stalking you! Haha

P.S. There’s a new feature now, on WP-app/phone – you can save the posts you like and read them later when you have time.  Do you use it? I hope. I’m using it to the fullest 😂💃✌️ Remember, you can’t comment: so read – like – write – pingback – have fun – save – read – write – repeat 💃🤪

Next post – Haiku ‘Sexting Nation’: part 3




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