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The tv-shows to watch when you have a flu

A very short post… I’m going to share my 3 favourite shows (by energy, mood, watchable qualities) for the boring days when you are sick. I don’t know about you, but when I can’t breathe, fever is kicking my butt and I barely can open the eyes – I’m not into the reading…not really.

Place 1when you are TOO sick to hold the book 

‘Animal Kingdom’ OR anything sex, drugs and rock-n-roll with lots of #killing– you have to feel someone is suffering MORE than you do.

My favourite guys in this tv-show are:

  1. Pope 
  2. Baz (just got killed, WTF???)

Why those two? Because I am Pope inside, but Baz outside (if you have seen the series – you know what I’m talking about).

Here’s the pictures/gifs, to show the difference. Enjoy!
And yes, of course I love Smurf (their mom), but I am NOT Smurf…so can’t relate to this hero lol





Place 2you are still sick, but you are MORE kind and your fever is getting lower… 

‘Gone’ OR anything clean-cut-crimes – you have to feel the justice is on the way!

My fav guy:



Because he’s kinda suffering, but tooo-tooo DEEP inside. I dont know, I just love those sad-one-word-too-much-guys. I feel they need a hug (or kick?).

Place 3 the recovery phase, in general you can watch anything, but I don’t know, I just liked the accent, I guess …its an Australian series about ‘gay-murders’.

‘Deep Water’ OR anything ‘sweet and naughty’ with a beautiful views

My fav guy (she is a girl):



I know, I can feel it – you are going to disagree with my choices, thats why… I dare you – go ahead, share your damn favourites.


  • No more than 3 tv-shows
  • Pick the heroes u like in each show
  • Add the pictures or gifs, if you like
  • Humor is welcome
  • Nominate some folks around – spread the word
  • Pingback to my post, if you like, because I dont have any comment section for the summer

What about you, guys? 









ANYONE who’d like to share their favourites! I can’t add you all to one post 😂✌️

Next post – Ayurveda/Mindfulness 


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