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Psycho – Logical Tale ‘Key Point’ (18+)

Mr WorkOfArt – Key technician
Mr MysticalButSoft – The Key
Ms GodsEye – Point 1
Ms DragonToes – Point 2
Ms ImpossibleToIgnore – Point technician 


There’s no fear of the Gods, there’s no purpose of the life, no cosmic or social hierarchy, and no distinction between the Earth and the Heaven. You are given 42 days to live. After that you will be transformed into nothing.
The legend says, if you’ll find the ‘Key Point’, then you can unlock the length of your life. This is the only way to the immortality, my friend.


Day 3

– It doesn’t fit, – said Mr MysticalButSoft, while staring at the hairy, enormously beautiful hole of Ms GodsEye. He had no courage to enter it, so he lied.
– Well, I’m not going to disagree, – she joked.

To achieve the goal – the immortality – you have to suffer for a moment.
By reading the whole story…

– Trust me, I’d spend all day just staring at your hole, if I could, but I want to live a bit longer than 42 days, – Mr MysticalButSoft grabbed his shorts from the floor and slowly pulled them up. 

Day 15

The clinic of Key-Fix.
Mr WorkOfArt had the hands ready to go and even made a comfy bed of blankets and pillows on the couch.
– This couch looks incredible, – smiled Mr MysticalButSoft.
– You got to earn it first…- the hands of Mr WorkOfArt moved onto the chest of his patient. He spent almost ‘forever’ by touching and kissing it.
-Thank you so much for a great warm-up and the meeting, but I’m here to transform my Key, – Mr MysticalButSoft could feel his own heart beating.
– Just give me a sec to recover and I’ll check your magnificent cookie.

Mr MysticalButSoft was patiently sitting on the pillows, holding his triangle-formed, sharp Key in the right hand. He heard a lot about the Fix-clinics, but he never met anyone who has created the perfect Tool or upgraded the life of 42 into Infinity.

Day 16

– It still doesn’t fit. I.T D.O.E.S.N.T FIIIIIIIT! What have you done, btchch?? – Mr MysticalButSoft was absolutely red, more red than the tomato on your plate. 🍅 

By the way, next time you see the tomato, please, say the prayer for Mr MysticalButSoft. 

– Happy anniversary, – responded Ms GodsEye, crawling next to him and snuggling up against his Key, – I wanted to surprise you…

The thing is, Ms GodsEye have aslo visited the Point technician this morning, the famous ‘fixer’ – Ms ImpossibleToIgnore, who have tried to replace the squared hole with a triangle-formed. But at the end, the triangle has transformed to the ellipse…

 Still Day 16

The clinic of Key-Fix.
-That should be illegal, to wear such a beauty around,  – Mr WorkOfArt paused, awaiting the reaction of his client.
– Yeah, thanks for that, but it still doesn’t fit! Being too damn sexy doesn’t make you live any longer.
Mr MysticalButSoft shared what he discovered when he got back to the lovely chosen ‘Point’ – Ms GodsEye.
– Damn, man, tell her to fix it back! Today!! – Mr WorkOfArt’s eyes ablaze with anger and frustration.

Day 34

– Ah, there you go, – murmured a soothing feminine voice, – Mr MysticalButSoft, where are you?
– Where am I?…I am on my first Key Point Journey! – he rasped with a crooked smile.

Ms DragonToes felt nothing. She struggled to maintain eye contact with the Key of Mr MysticalButSoft, finally deciding to look away completely. 

It’s either easy or Forget It.

– I just wondered if you had any feeling, mmm, in your Key, – her caring smile acted as a soothing balsam to Mr MysticalButSoft, troubled with the size, and fitting form of her Point.
– How long was I…there? – he whispered.
– Eighty-nine seconds.
– Let’s get you out of here! – said angry voice of Mr MysticalButSoft, shaking his Key off the Point, –  you’re going to need some Real Lock Session, and this is NOT the place to get it.

The Point has closed the doors. The lifted eyebrow of Ms DragonsToes and her steel-grey cold feet told him – his Key is not welcome anymore.

Day 42

‘And the breath left his body exactly at 42 o’clock on the Day of 42’.

– Promise to spread my ashes around your Point and to say these words, – extremely exhausted Mr MysticalButSoft scribbled the last wish on the piece of paper.
– Oh, what is the ashes? – Ms DragonToes asked.
– You are so damn stupid! – with a sweaty rage he wrapped the blankets over her head, pushing his Key to the face of Ms DragonToes, until the breathing had stopped and the movements slowed down…

– I really hope it will work now, – said Mr MysticalButSoft to himself, trying to lock his Key, for the last time, with the soft mouth of breathless Ms DragonToes.
His Key brushed against her wet tongue. He lightly blew on it, in hope it will go smoother. The Key was pulsing. One Last Chance. 

– Yes, keep going, keep going! Oh my god! It fits! – he said, gripping the Key by two hands. And the breath left his body…

The end


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