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Nothing but words… #prompts

Prompt 1
Written for Fandago’s One Word Prompt
The Word – Stark 

The Photo: Stark Realism 

The text: 

He: Stark or naked, pushing
towards the sheets my magic.
The story doesn’t ends here.  

She: A very stark choice:
His dyed beard or dildo? Ah
The beard 50 % larger. It wins. 

The cat: I just want to say –
each day we learn something new.
‘Today’ looks like a stark terror.
But I have made it through…

Prompt 2
Written for Mel 
Song Inspired Prompt
The song – Jarryd James ‘Do you remember’

The photo: ‘Oh, dont be scared about it…’


The text:

Jarryd James: Only love could ever hit this hard,
But I’m an enthusiast by nature.
Thats why I took my cricket bat
To fight back or kill Him later.

The investigator: Nobody know what I know:
the guy is an unstable lunatic!
Caught up in the middle of hard action
to a 6 feet 4 inches-pikachu-doll.
Yeah, just imagine! Crazy beast…

A pikachu (from the hospital)Don’t forget, Jarryd,
it was real – our love.
Do you remember the way it made you feel?
When the sun rises – you’ll find
a big yellow tomato in your post box.

That’s a poetic gift, right?
Please, write the song about Pikachu and Tomato.
I go cry sadly now…
Someone, please, help me to pee. 

Ha – Ha 

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