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The Future of Genetics

 “Every person has lots of ingredients to make them what is always a one-in-a-kind creation. We are all imperfect Genetic stews.” From Counting by 7s

Yes, you are NOT like anyone else. Literally.
You share genetic material with every other human on the planet and have inherited specific genetics traits from your parents, but the particular combinations, omissions and duplications in your Genetic Code are unique! 


  • we share 70% of our genes with acorn worms, but they doesn’t look like us
  • we share 99% of our genes with chimpanzees, 85% with cow, 65% with chicken, 38% with round worm, 18% with yeast
  • we have 98% junk DNA, and only 2 % useful
Acorn Worm

In 1953 the secret of life has been discovered, and nope, it is not – Happiness you are looking for 😂. It is the DNA-sequence or the human Genome.

Your Genome is Unique!
DNA exist in chromosomes.
Every cell in your body is packed with a chromosomes. 

Our bodies contain 30 trillion cells. 

The process that caused evolution.. is also linked to our genes. Because of all changes in a DNA-sequences that are passed on from one living creature to another (for ex from parents to their child). Just imagine the changes that continues over million years and how it can affect the populations development. 


  • 72% of women inherit a harmful mutation of BRCA1 Gene and 69% with a harmful BRCA 2 Gene will develop breast cancer by the age of 80
  • More than 100 genes are linked to obesity
  • Around 1 in 180 babies are born with a chromosomal abnormality 
  • Existing antibiotics will be useless in as little as 30 years
  • USA, Brazil, Argentina, India and Canada were the top 5 countries cultivating GM crops in terms of area in 2015
  • In 2015 it became legal in UK for a woman carrying faulty DNA in her ‘cell’ to use the DNA of another woman, giving rise to ‘3-parent-babies’

Based on the magazine Focus – ‘The Ultimate Guide to Your Genes’
Images – Google

More info about a Genome is here:  What is a Genome?


“The only one you-er than you is YOU.” Dr. Suess

About the future…yeah, it does look BRIGHT. Just imagine the girl with a nice turtle-head 😂✌️ 100 millions years and it will happen naturally. #predictingfuture Lol



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