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#coolprompts Synonym Week: word ‘ironic’

Prompts are meant to inspire and encourage new writing. Responses don’t have to fulfil every detail below. Be creative! 


  • Understand that people here are at all different levels:
    • New writers
    • Experienced writers
    • Professional writers
    • Users who are just learning English
    • Just having fun bloggers
  • Typos and grammatical errors are possible. Be nice 🙂
  • Feedback and critiques are encouraged, but just saying something’s bad is not helpful at all. 
  • Include the tag – #coolprompts in the tittle, if you like (not obligatory). But it will be much easier to find your post via The Reader.

Here you’ll find different kinds of prompts (posted once a week):

  • Fiction prompts;
  • One word prompts;
  • Media prompts;
  • Image prompts;
  • Off Topic prompts;
  • Synonym prompts;
  • and much more.

‘Cool Writing Prompt’ for this week, 4-11 June:

Write the post based on the word ‘ironic’. Use 5 more synonyms of the word ‘ironic’ in your post. You can find the synonym help at

To participate: publish a post on your blog, pingback to the post or use the tag, so I can find you, if you want me to read and comment on it.

You’ll find this information and new themes for the prompts (1 each week) on the Ray-Blog, page – Cool Writing Prompts Page

Add the photo if you like (not obligatory):

There’s also a new page – Discover Challenges , where I’ll post 1 challenge each week!

Have Fun! 🤪💃


I also would like to inform about the one – word – prompt on Fandago’s Blog,and the word of today is – ‘primitive’. I’m going to participate by writing this haiku 😂✌️

Monday…a time for the prompt. 
The word is ‘primitive’ –
Perfect for humans.
Ray Not

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