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‘The Unknown Writer’

I’m going to leave this challenge for the common week, when I’ll be on the summer-break. Anyone can participate (I’m going nominate, as example, 7 peeps tho). Don’t need to thank me (in the beginning of the post), just pingback to this ‘challenge’ at the end of your post/answer – it’s enough. 

This is the challenge about the writer you’ve never heard of…

At some point of your life the writer was totally unknown to you, but at the end you finally read his work (let’s say in the last 5-7 years) and really liked his book/s or found them interesting (foreign authors are welcome). Or you haven’t read it yet, but planning to do so.


1. Share the name of the author and the country of origine. Name some of his/her books.
2. The style of writing – describe shortly.
3. Quote – up to 3
4. The work of the author: the name of the book, novel, poetry…and the one you read or planning to read (add photo if you like).
5. The funny or interesting details from his life (not yours lol) – up to 6
6. Personal Opinion: was it fun to read? or if not – why have you been disappointed?
7. Nominate 3-5 blogs. Have fun!

My example

1. Kenzaburō Ōe, Japanese author.
2. The style of writing – ‘grotesque realism’

“I think, we can only write very personal matters through our experience. When I named my first novel about my son ‘A Personal Matter’, I believe I knew the most important thing: there is not any personal matter; we must find the link between ourselves, our personal matter, and society.” K.O.

4. The work of the author:

Book I’m planning to read this summer (I never heard about the author – ‘A Personal Matter’


5. The funny, interesting details of Kenzaburo’s life:

  • big influence on his writing career – Sartre
  • all his novels are very personal (reflecting his life)
  • interested in the fairytales and old Japanese myths 
  • his son was autistic and couldn’t talk until 6 yo
  • he got The Nobel Prize in 1994
  • he loved ‘Nils Holgersson’ (the hero of Selma Lagerlöf book)

6. There’s no personal opinion yet, but I’ll write a review this summer and tell you how it feels…

Now your turn!

1. Peansunplugged Blog – Solitude
2. Kitty Jade Blog – Monday 28th May, Diary
3. Hyperion Blog – All about Mystery and Love
4. Sorry Less (because they are 2 😂) – Come Fly With Me
5. Stonner On A Rollercoaster – Charcoal and Pastels
6. Jack Collier
– Scenes on Sunday
7. Mark Anthony – Burned Eve
8. and YOU too 😁✌️




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  1. Thank you for the mention! You have the coolest challenges Ray. I need to man up and get to that quote challenge and this challenge too. Oh, so many good authors and so little internet space. I’m getting right on it. 🙂

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