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Psycho – Logical Tale ‘Innocence’ (18+)


Mrs DemonicSquirt – Accused in the crime
Mr WorthyToSuck – The dead body
Mr IronGrip – The Judge
Mr HurtFirstAskLater – Medical assistant
Ms JawDropping – The witness
Mr SexualBeast – Pathologist
Mrs TightAndLoud – Police officer 


The court-room was full of people. It didn’t surprise the local Judge IronGrip. The murder is a huge entertainment for this small town, named in the honour of the famous actor Mr ArousedMoment. 

Judge IronGrip smiled, when he saw the short top of Ms JawDropping, who was his mistress and also the main witness in the process. He remembered the last night very well: how he shoved his Iron deep inside of her along with his 5 grumpy fingers. Ms JawDroping let out a moan, or two, a little bit impressed at how hard he was trying, but -she still wanted more. And he gave her more…


Mrs TightAndLoud looked at the screen:
– As we all see, the body of Mr WorthyToSuck is deformed. I’d like to bring your attention to this photo where his legs are spreading in the most hurtful way. What does it tell us? (she made a pause, looking around) That he fought for his freedom! With all strength he got!

Mrs DemonicSquirt felt uncomfortable in the long black old-fashioned dress. She was glued to the chair, passionately pleasing herself with the help of the hand, borrowed from Mr SexualBeast, the one and only pathologist of the city ‘ArousedMoment’.

Mrs TightAndLoud moved her face closer to the screen:
– Was he satisfied? Or was he only teased? We’ll never know. Because this man, this life has been taken, ended… by the hands of the most admired and honorable citizen, Mrs DemonicSquirt! (she pointed her knobby finger at the beautiful brunette)

Mrs DemonicSquirt woke up from the sloppy-hand-pleasure:
– Is that all you have go..ttt? I’m shocked you made that far in this city! Because I didn’t kill him!
In anger she have grabbed still wet hand of Mr SexualBeast and pulled him out, in the middle of the court-room:
– That night, when Mr WorthyToSuck was murdered, I spent with this man!

Mr SexualBeast felt lost. His hand was still warm and moving with some kind of aggression (against his will!), towards the legs of Mrs DemonicSquirt.

Judge IronGrip woke up from his dark dirty fantasies and shouted:
– Is it true, Mr SexualBeast?
Mr SexualBeast didn’t like the attention of the big crowd, especially with the looking-guilty hand:
-Yes, yes, Your Honour. In the flesh. I was with her. But in the spirit…

Ms JawDrapping began to rub her hands all over herself as she was suddenly being filled with a strange lust that was slowly taking over. Her top seemed to pop open by itself…

That scene was torturous. Judge IronGrip shouted again:
– We know enough about your spirit, Mr SexualBeast!! What can you add about the body?! You have examined the poor Mr WorthyToSuck almost the whole night…
Mr SexualBeast interrupted:
– I am a perfectionist! It’s a little bit weird, Your Honour, but the killer is probably a male, because I think Mr WorthyToSuck spent his last hours in the middle of the romantic, hm, mess.
The face of Mrs TightAndLoud has reddened. She asked with the uncovered anger in her voice:
– How MUCH romantic? Could you describe more precisely??!
Mr SexualBeast opened his mouth to explain, but the judge announced about a short 15-minutes break.


The bar near the court.
Mr HurtFirstAskLater poured more whiskey in the glass:
– So you are the next, right?
Ms JawDropping stared at him, smiling:
– I didn’t kill him.
Mr HurtFirstAskLater leaned closer and said in a dangerous whisper:
– Sure, babe. Don’t worry, you and I are going to have some fun now, – he licked the side of the almost empty whiskey glass, – give me all I want and I won’t tell anyone that I have found his underwear in your handbag.
0,33 seconds.
Somehow her blouse was gone.
Ms JawDropping seemed to be in some sort of a happy daze, waiting:
– I think I am ready.

He could see the inexplicable excitement creeping through her thighs. Her words  –‘by the way, he deserved a better underwear. That was the first thing I’ve noticed’ – got his toes to cringe with anxiety. Dammit!


The office of the Judge.
Judge IronGrip listened the soft breeze from the open window. His sad voice cut through the silence:
– I have to know the truth. Did you kill him, Mary?
He knew something was wrong, but he wasn’t sure what it was and he was also in no position to do anything about it at the moment, because Mrs DemonicSquirt dropped all her clothes on the floor and said with a deep sexy voice:
– Shut up and explore! We’ve got only 12 minutes left…


Restroom/female/ of the court.
Mr SexualBeast
 walked in. The clothes of Mrs TightAndLoud were everywhere. He stopped, listening the loud melody of the passion behind the door.
– You was such a badass out there, – the nervous voice of Mr SexualBeast quivered with excitement.
Mrs TightAndLoud jumped out with the gun between her naked hips:
– What the fk are you doing here, Doc?
Instead of gasping in shock Mr SexualBeast pulled down his jeans and said:
– Lay down on the floor. Now! Or I’ll tell to the Judge that I’ve found your DNA on the body of Mr WorthyToSuck.
Mrs TightAndLoud closed her eyes and let go of the control she had desperately been holding on to.
He watched each her move:
-That’s better, officer. I need to see what I have to work with…

– Magical tits, – that was all he managed to say, before she killed him.


Mrs TightAndLoud woke up on the bathroom floor, breathing heavily. All her clothes were soaking wet. Was it only a dream? YES! She checked the watch: she still had time to visit the local bakery.


The bakery of the city ArousedMoment.
The soul of Mr WorthyToSuck was sitting near the window, his favourite spot, waiting for Mrs TightAndLoud and drawing on the napkin… the silhouette of his murderer.

Who is the murderer?


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  1. RNB,

    I . . umm, have to hand it to you with this one. Suggestive, sexy, sultry fun in umm . . a single body of work!

    Okay, I’ll stop, lol.

    Peace . . or is it piece? Both!

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  2. Ah, a nice surprise photo for those who make it to the end of the story. Thanks for that! I’ve been talking about this with another blogger: is there genius in stating the obvious? I’m referring to the names of your characters: so painfully obviously yet so hysterically funny they crack me up the most!! Quite brilliantly done. Great job!

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  3. Was Mrs TightAndLoud doing kegels? I never enjoyed being with a screamer, as I always found it to be distracting. I actually have no reason for saying that the murderer is Mrs DemonicSquirt! except that I like that name.

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    • Yes she is lol 😂 she is demonic and she’s a murderer:)
      Mrs TightAndLoud is probably too tight, or maybe the murderer too 😂😂 who knows, maybe all the screaming is for distraction 😮

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    • Haha she is in the history of the literary WP now 🙂 but who knows, 20-30 years and she’ll probably make it to the history of literature 🙂
      Thank you 💕💕


  4. I laughed my butt off Ray! Why can’t TV shows have characters with names like yours? This was quite entertaining. I’m glad I didn’t read it at work or everybody would think I lost my mind with all that giggling and snort-laughing. Thanks for making my day!

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    • Who knows…maybe one day we’ll see the show about Mr TightPants & Ms PerkyTits 😂👋
      Glad it made u smile 🙂 created it for that of coz, but also there’s always the bigger meaning/moral behind the story 🙂

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      • Waaa Haaa haaaa! Mr TightPants and Ms PerkyTits sound like a perfect Monty Pythonesque story with a bit of social satire and philosophy thrown in to thicken the plot.


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