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‘There is a heart behind every window’, Soheila Fors, Part 2

Story 5.
‘The evil has a male-face’ or man-hater

Her father is beating her mother on the regular basis. The girl is usually hiding under the stairs and counting the strokes. Once she counted almost 37. 

Her father dies in the car-accident. Her mother decide -> time to arrange the marriage for her little girl. Look, here he is – a great guy, living in Sweden. 

The girl is married. During first 3 weeks she is constantly raped and beaten (daily). When she tells that to her mother, the answer is – 

This is the life of the woman.
Be thankful that you are in the good hands and belong to the great family. 

One day she sees the wedding-photo of her husband with another woman. When she asks who is on the photo, he answers:

  • the whore, just like you

The mother of her husband is visiting them. Only to ask about her pregnancy. She says to the girl:

  • the tree without the fruits should be cut down…

The girl is trying to run away, to her uncle, who also lives in Sweden. On the next day her uncle asks: 

  • if you want to stay here – I have to f@k you

She is on the run again: calls to the woman from the group where she studies Swedish and they contact the social services together.

She feel happy, she feel at peace!
But she knows, it isn’t over…not yet.


Story 6.
Shia-islam and the girl who wanted to marry a man with the disability

This one is ABSOLUTELY MAD story!

She is growing up with the idea that nothing is more beautiful in this life than to become a martyr. Or to marry one. Grief and sacrifice is the big part of shiaislam. 

She tells about her dreams to the colleague at work and he suggests to marry the son of his sister (who lives in Sweden). The son of his sister has a disability – some kind of the neurological disease. The girl is happy. 
Oh, no, wait…she is truly-madly-the-head-over-the-heals-happy! This is the one and only real meaning of life! Of course, she has to marry this poor, suffering guy. 

She is starting to dream (daily) about the life with her disabled husband, how she’ll take care about him, how she’ll love him…

Her father is against that decision, especially after meeting with the guy (who arrives from Sweden to cheer up his wife-to-be). But the girl doesn’t listen and goes against her family.

She is moving to Sweden. Shortly – consequences:

  • she is sleeping in the kitchen, because he doesn’t want her in his bed
  • he is screaming and behaving badly (neurological disease lol)
  • they doesn’t have sex, so at 30 (now) she is still a virgin
  • his family took all her money from the bank, 8000 dollar (she actually gave it to them, voluntarily) 
  • Once she bought the shoes, for the winter (it was too cold, swedish weather) – but the father of her husband got mad and hit her: the shoes were too expensive, 30 dollar.
  • her husband needs a lot of ‘special’ care: changing the diapers and cleaning the bed after him. Also she found out that he is a pro-wonker. 
  • the father of her husband says to her: ‘I understand, you have the needs, just like all the women, let me help you with that’. He is attacking her when her husband is outside (visiting a doctor). 

Hello again, social services of Sweden…

Story 7.

This book is dedicated to Zahra (the girl from the poor family, with 10 kids), a childhood friend of the author. Zahra was raped by the policemen and then… murdered. It is ‘forbidden’ to kill the innocent. But –

The Evil has own rules.
So they first raped her – then killed, because she became ‘FILTHY’. 


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