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Ayurveda’s Head Therapy

From the book of Maya Tiwari ‘Women’s Power To Heal: through inner medicine’ 

The head contains 4 of 5 sensory organs of the body and 7 of 9 bodily apertures through which we interact with the external universe. On the very top of the head is the sacred shrine called – Sahasrara chakra – through which the soul is said to enter the body at birth and leave after death. So as you see, the head – is the most important part of your body. 

Two of Ayurveda’s most nurturing treatments for the head are:

  • PICHU, an Ayurvedic treatment in which a piece of cotton cloth is soaked in a medicated oil and placed on the forehead;
  • SHIRA Abhyanga, a therapeutic treatment in which oil is poured over and massaged into vital points on the head.

These therapies are effective for conditions such as heart disease, insomnia, mental disorders, exhaustion, migraines, weakness of bodily joints, facial paralysis, blood disorders, eye diseases, dandruff, scalp sores. 

My advice, begin with PICHU, a profoundly effective oil-treatment. For serious conditions this treatment may be applied twice daily (even for kids) for approximately 14 days. Or at least twice a week. 

Contra-indications: bleeding, menstruation
Body type: all types/doshas; for men and women
Ideal time: morning or early evening
Recommended oils:

  1. Lotus oil – stiffness in eye muscles, dryness or sores on scalp, inflammation of head, skin, face. 
  2. Rose oil – headaches, hair loss, pain in the eyes, mental fatigue, nose bleeds
  3. Triphala oil – insomnia, physical injury, constipation, depression, and more.
  4. Or choose any oil you like/ oil of your dosha (sesame oil?)


Warm the oil, pour into the pottery bowl. Fold the clean piece of cotton cloth so that it forms 3 layers. Dip the cloth (in the middle only) into the warm oil. Let the ends hang over of the bowl. Place the bowl within easy reach during your treatment.

Release all stressful thoughts from the mind. Lie down, place the cloth on your forehead, from ear to ear. While lying down, press down gently on the cloth using both hands. Use the hand towel to pat away any excess oil (if you have to). Close your eyes and rest 10-30 minutes. Rise very slowly. Remove the cloth from your forehead (maintain a peaceful attitude for the rest of the day). 


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  1. What if the top of your head is pointed like mine? Does phrenology count for anything anymore? I’m just messing w/you. I do want to try this. Excellent post.

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  2. I do love a good head massage and you are so right, it’s best when you can relax while someone else does it. My only concern would be if it makes me feel too good, I won’t have anything to complain about.

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