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“Pilgrim or Not Everyone Will Understand”

Friday Story is here 🙂 Smile

Luke Copyright


Pilgrim – the young pretty blonde woman
Policeman 1
Policeman 2
Mr Chaos – the doctor
Mr ImpossibleThings – the genitals of the Doctor
Mr NotEveryone – the brother of Pilgrim
Black Suit – the black suit who can talk
‘Away’ – the planet and the club

Scene 1

Police station. Friday. 8 am

Policeman 1: (looking through the glass at the pretty blonde woman in the black suit) I still can’t get it.
Policeman 2: (nervously) I’m telling you, I was on the way to the office when I saw her, driving veeery slowly. I have followed her, on my new bicycle, until she hit the tree. 

Policeman 1:(sipping on the hot coffee, taking the picture of the woman behind the mirror and posting it on the instagram) Hashtag #DrivingSlowly
Policeman 2: And do you know what had disturbed me the most? I parked my bicycle…

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