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Life is there to be lived rather than to be written about

I’ve been nominated again, for the Quote-tag. Thank you to Reggie German, and check his cool blog here From Private to Public Blog

I’ve decided to bend the rules (just a bit lol). I’m introducing W. Somerset Maugham today. If you never read his books (a classic! and #mustread) I’d advice you to pick one below for the summer-read. He is awesome! You’ll see why…

1. I’d advice to read ‘Ten Novels and Their Authors’ or ‘A Writer’s Notebook’ (if you are a writer)
2. And at least ‘The Razor’s Edge’ or ‘Moon and Sixpence’ or ‘The Painted Veil’ (if you are a reader)

I’m going to nominate 7 people and the rules are:

  • choose the author you like (it should be one of 19th Century Writers). 19th century was a period of writer’s paradise – with so many literary giants and eminent authors who penned classics one after the other, so it shouldn’t be so hard.
  • choose 3 (min) to 12 (max) quotes of this author (his/her own or from his/her books). The country of origin of the author, the genre: fiction or non-fiction – doesn’t matter. 
  • Share those quotes and nominate 3 to 6 people. 
  • Ops, that’s not obligatory. 
  • The title for the post? Mmmm, choose something cool. I know you are smart enough.
  • Nominated – at the end of the post. 


1. “There are 3 rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

2. “The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you.”

3. “Some of us look for the Way in Opium and some in God, some of us in Whiskey and some in Love. It is all the same Way and it leads no whither.”

4. “You will find as you grow older that the first thing needful to make the world a tolerable place to live in is to recognize the inevitable selfishness of humanity. You demand unselfishness from others, which is a preposterous claim that they should sacrifice their desires to yours. Why should they? When you are reconciled to the fact that each is for himself in the world you will ask less from your fellows. They will not disappoint you, and you will look upon them more charitably. Men seek but one thing in life – their pleasure.”

5. “Each one of us is alone in the world. He is shut in a tower of brass, and can communicate with his fellows only by signs, and the signs have no common value, so that their sense is vague and uncertain. We seek pitifully to convey to others the treasures of our heart, but they have not the power to accept them, and so we go lonely, side by side, but not together, unable to know our fellows and unknown by them.”

6. “People talk of beauty lightly, and having no feeling for words, they use that one carelessly, so that it loses its force; and the thing it stands for, sharing its name with a hundred trivial objects, is deprived of dignity. They call beautiful a dress, a dog, a sermon; and when they are face to face with Beauty, they cannot recognise it.”

7. “The tragedy of love is not death or separation. How long do you think it would have been before one or other of them ceased to care? Oh, it is dreadfully bitter to look at a woman whom you have loved with all your heart and soul, so that you felt you could not bear to let her out of your sight, and realize that you would not mind if you never saw her again. The tragedy of love is indifference.”

8. “You are not angry with people when you laugh at them. Humor teaches tolerance.”

9. “People don’t want reasons to do what they’d like to. They want excuses.”

10. “The Nature of men and women – their essential nature – is so vile and despicable that if you were to portray a person as he really is, no one would believe you.”

11. “How the Gods must have chuckled when they added Hope to the evils with which they filled Pandora’s box, for they knew very well that this was the cruellest evil of them all, since it is Hope that lures mankind to endure its misery to the end.”

12. “There is a certain elegance in wasting time. Any fool can waste money, but when you waste time you waste what is priceless.”


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See you next time on Sunday! Have fun! 




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  1. W. Somerset Maugham? Every quote is packed with wisdom! The thing about beauty is i want to see beauty in everything… for how dreadful if we really saw what appears before our eyes (me). I may never read a book of his (so many to read already 😔). But, i do believe The Painted Veil was made into a movie. I think i have the soundtrack on my phone. Oh yes! i do. Alexandre Desplat the composer. So, perhaps i cheat and enjoy a movie tonight. 🎥 🍿

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  2. I love this! The new rules are an improvement, I’d say.

    I took something from each quote, but #12 hit home. I’m a time waster, sadly.

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  3. I liked part of a quote “it is Hope that lures mankind to endure its misery to the end” because it reminds me of something I thought this morning. A mist has fallen over my mind otherwise I would have given more detail.
    You’re really smart – what are you doing here, Ray?
    Pretend I said something inspiring next.

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  4. Great quotes Ray! You are an intellectual girl, no doubt. My fav two quotes are 7 and 12 although I liked them all. I thank you for the nomination. It was nice of you to think of me for this challenge because I’m sure you know how much I love good quotes. I’ll be sure to get to this as soon as possible.


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