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Psycho – Logical Tale ‘Escape’ (Adults only)


Mrs BouncyTits – middle-aged, divorced lady
Mr LoudWetSmack – yoga teacher
Mr SlowAndPainful – president of the Tech-Mech company
Mr ConstantMotion – bus driver
Ms WrappedAroundYou – young and hippyish 


4 on the bus, driving through the jungle, to the retreat ‘Escape’. This retreat is designed for anyone desiring to find the Self, practice daily meditation/yoga while enjoying a unique and relaxing vacation. 

Mrs BouncyTits might not had the most creative last name in the world, but the quality of her tit-squeeze would made up for it. Or at least so she heard.
She looked out of the window and then back at Mr SlowAndPainful. 
– This place is kinda surreal, – she started the conversation, – I’m just wondering how this jungle going to look in the future, let’s say 1 million years forward. Nothing lives forever. Of course the civilisations will collapse, humans will die out. Oh, and what about the microbes?..

Mr SlowAndPainful have opened his mouth to say ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’, but something stopped him.
Mrs BouncyTits got bored of waiting:
– I’ve never had sex on the bus. I’ve asked my husband once, but he is just like the empty glass that never been half-filled. The sex literally lasted nanoseconds…By the way, let me mention, we are divorced, so he is just a hazy memory.
After the pause she added:
– Thats why I’m going to this retreat, looking for the shockwave, something…mmm turbulent, something that would collapse on my tits as a loud bang.

The bus driver listened to the conversation, longing for the coffee-stop at his favourite place, called ‘The Deepest Hole.’ He almost could feel how the warmth prickled his skin under the old black trousers: either from the last beer or the topic. He stared at Mrs BouncyTits for a while, and then decided to add:
– You speak of passion, Miss.

Mr LoudWetSmack approached the sit of Mrs BouncyTits. It felt so easy to be around her. Undemanding and safe.
-This is a silent retreat Miss. You can NOT talk.
Mrs BouncyTits looked surprised:

– What? No. No. No. I’m not ready for this…
She touched the hot window glass. She felt a rising panic and after 2 minutes of the absolute silence, understood – why. She might be sick.

– Pull over. Please. Now! – shouted Mrs BouncyTits. 
Mr ConstantMotion parked in front of a small brick house. Mr SlowAndPainful tried to hand her a water bottle. But Mrs BouncyTits unbuckled her seat belt and run out of the bus. She flaunt ed her curves in the low-cut red dress.  


The restroom. Silence. His hand. Inch. Two. Ten. Deeper.
– Is there anyone waiting for you back at home? – Mrs BouncyTits asked, catching the breathe.
– Your inches feels like a miles, – she said again, noticing his clean cowboy boots. 
Mr SlowAndPainful laughed.
Then the silence descended one more time. 


On the way from the restroom Mrs BouncyTits had the one-word-chat with Mr LoudWetSmack who told her that he’d like to discuss the rules of the retreat ‘Escape’ and her behaviour on the bus. He gestured toward an open space behind the back door of the living room. 


Her tits curled around his tongue. ‘Magic,’ – whispered Mr LoudWetSmack, ashamed by the emotions on the face of lonely Mr ConstantMotion who sat on the sofa, sipped his beer and pretended to inspect his shoes for the dust.


Ms WrappedAroundYou, the hostess of the house, have blocked the door of the restroom. Mr SlowAndPainful was dying from the humidity, but he decided to get back.
Again. His hand. Inch. Two. Ten. Deeper.
– …it’s so hard not to stare at THAT, – said Ms WrappedAroundYou, moving in small circles. Mr SlowAndPainful smiled. He loved her hairy forearms, huge breasts and saggy body. The greatest thing he’ve ever experienced.


Mr ConstantMotion felt empty. He wanted to be a part of this. He wanted to know Mrs BouncyTits skin to skin, cover her body with that beer and investigate what would happen if he’d be able to lick it. He dreamed about the next stop – ‘The Deepest Hole’ and the lovely receptionist, Ms BuzzFingers.

The enthusiastic silence of Mr ConstantMotion infected Mr SlowAndPainful who arrived from the restroom with a new kind of energy.
Mr SlowAndPainful pointed on the left and said:
– There’s the bed…
Wow. The first words during the whole trip. Mr ConstantMotion looked at him and shrugged to indicate that he agreed to follow. How much physical space does one need? 


The ‘Escape’– bus-party was in the full swing when I walked into the front door of a small brick house and said:
– That’s a super cozy place. Hello! My name is – Mrs ‘TakeItEasy’

Haha. The End. 

The word ‘flaunt’ used for the daily word prompt.
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All posts of this week will be only about the novel I’m writing. Have a great week ahead! 


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  1. Excellent, you know most people are had at hello, however, l was had at just Bouncy Tits alone, l don’t know why? i may have to juggle it some to figure what it was and not make a boob.

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  2. I liked that you wrote out who was who in the beginning. And the intro helped us understand what was going on. An enjoyable read.Those retreats are often more physical than they were meant to be.

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  3. Fabulous. I love these characters. And thanks for the intro to them. And “hippyish” I am amused to think that anyone , nowadays, can actually be ‘hippyish” but it is a perfect description.

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