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Book Review ‘The Owl Always Hunts at Night’, Samuel Bjork

“First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. And second…what can I say? I am a night owl.” Marrion Berry 

Breaking News & Top Stories of the week: Harry Potter’s Owl have been murdered. And to find out who is that freak all you have to do is to read the novel ‘The Owl Always Hunts at Night’ , because Samuel Bjork knows who DID IT. 

Everything in this book is upside down and inside out. Yeah, you know those crime-novels where everybody is involved and you are drowning between the non-stop-arriving (literally from nowhere) new heroes. And then, of course, the Bad Guy shows up at the end – Voilà! And you are like a stupid chicken, pretending she can fly – ah, I knew …you’ve been there all the time!

But the Truth is – he hadn’t. 

So if you are fine with the feeling: ‘What the heck? Who is this dude?’ – Go for it! 

Dirty Priest
Magical Rituals
Rich Swiss Mad Grandpa
Dead Owls 

Innocent girls and sexism
Running in the wheel-fitness
Tired sad Old investigator with a head ache
Frustrated, drug addict, Young & psychic-investigator with a dead sister
The orphan house
The sick man in the white helmet

What? I don’t hear you. No, no…I’ve just started.

I see you are already on Amazon, ordering, adding, dreaming about squeezing this owl-novel with your horny sweaty shaking-in-excitement hands. Hold on for a while! Let me ask you a question: where have you been on the Friday night 27 November 2007 from 2 to 4am? You do not remember… Okay. No alibi. So you are probably also involved in this crazy story. Hm. Go sit in the corner on that dirty blue chair. I’ll get back to you. When? SOON! When I’m done with all others on the list. The investigating process is no-one-day-action!

The Hook: 2 prologues = 4 pages = 2 stories. I’m not sure it was the prologue, but I’ll tell you when I read the first (the story about priest) – I knew I want to read this book!

A comparison: Friends of Crime, Star Wars of Crime, NCIS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Just a couple of suggestions of the similar tv-shows/movies. 

The title: Nice one. We do love owls, don’t we? 

The plot: build around the body of the young girl, who’ve been found in the forest in a very strange position, naked, with a blonde wig, surrounded by owl-feathers and the candles. 

Disliked: The Briefing Room. Prepare: the crime-group is sleeping, eating, making love, hating each other …all around one small desk with the bloody pictures. How sick is that? 

The language: can’t say much, it was in Swedish, I liked it. Nothing special, it is mostly the novel for those who loves real crime-investigation-process. 

Ahhhh, I see you are trying to escape from your chair.
Get back to the corner and start listening, ffs!

Boring part: The daughter of the Old Investigator. And the dead sister of the Young Investigator. 

Black hackers wins
Organic food all the way down your throat!
The Botanical Museum
Give Da-Vinci Code a break!
The eyes in the white track
The Latest Marijuna News or How to grow it in school yard
The Professor of Occultism
The Ping-Pong Granddaughter
Sex is always Matter! Especially with Ziggy
Beers wanted

Let me add to this never-ending-story that weirdo in the chair, who is still sitting in the corner…and we are done! Haha

Rate: I’d buy it again, at least to read a half of it. I’ve enjoyed the first half of the book. 

P. S. I have guests (friday-sunday), so I can post only ‘Awards’ this evening and then 1 more post tomorrow. Still not sure which one it will be: The Place called Larm or Psycho-Logical Tale ‘Escape’. Then I’m off until Sunday evening (or Monday). 

Next week I’m planning to blog only about my novel (working name ‘The Dulcinea Project’), because I have to finish my second draft…and it goes really reaaaalllyyy slowly.

Did I say I love you today? I do 🙂 


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  1. Awesome review! I agree with just everyone, you set the bar high with the way you do a book review. It’s unique and it’s Ray ♥️♥️♥️ you know what i mean 🤩

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  2. Your review has me hooked. Now the dilemma… do I read the novel or reread your review?🤔
    I think I will reread the review any day! 😂
    By the way I never sat in the dirty blue chair! 😱

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