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The Hero’s Journey #contest and more

Hello, May! Here you are!

“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…
“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”
The Secret Garden 

1. May is the start of ‘The Hero’s Journey’ Writing Contest!

To remember: Entries may be in any literary style.
The competition is free to enter and submissions must be between 300 – 4000 (max!) words in length.
Send it in word doc.

The winner will receive 200 $. 
Two runners-up will receive 50 $.
The entry should be send from the new mail-box (anonymous).
The story won’t be accepted if your name is on the mail-box.
Write the name of the contest in the “subject” field.
You can also create a pen name. 
The deadline for entries 3 june 2018.
Please expect a response within 4 weeks of the deadline.
The winners will be announced between 3 and 10 July 2018.
Send your entries to:
The Rules are here: 
Click to Read

2. Meet my new blog – Becky All-Inclusive ( About Becky Page ).
The purpose of the blog is to share information about -> HEALTH. LIFESTYLE. FOOD. OPINIONS and FACTS.

There’re 3 parts (pages) so far. I’m going to focus on:
– Three pillars of Health – Click to read
– Affirmations for the coffee table (with humour!) – Click to read

I can’t promise how often I’ll post there, but I’ll try to show up on the blog 2 times a week (it won’t be so regular in the beginning)
3. Also I’d like to share the post about writing, check it when you have time. It is really good advices from the great author:  On Writing: Hemingway, Ambition…and more
4. Living near York or in UK? Here’s a creative writing workshop to visit – go see the guy in the flesh lol and tell me how it was… Writing Workshop from RobertDay
5. And if you like reading cool stories, check out this one below and tell me-> are you team Bobby or team Sue or team Earl? LOL
5. Luke Copyright’s post ‘How to make your Detox Fun!‘ gonna arrive on his blog tonight, welcome to check out. 

Featured image – from DeviantArt, Sawyinhaff
Next Post  – Book Review ‘ ‘The Owl Always Hunts at Night’ by Samuel Bjork (crime-novel)

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