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Psycho-Logical Tale ‘Focus or Jazz is Jazz’

 “Hot can be cool & cool can be hot & each can be both. But hot or cool, man, Jazz is Jazz”. Louis Armstrong 

Doctor – Mr HardAsIronRod
Mom – Mrs GrabMyHips
Son – Focus MorningWood
Nurse – Ms LustfulTongue
Neighbour – Ms PinnedToBed 

Place and time:
Year 2918, AntiBac.


The train arrived at the last station. Mr HardAsIronRod got out in the rush, following the busy crowd straight to the stairs. He was a very famous doctor who worked for the Authority of AntiBac.
AntiBac is the biggest city on the TRAP-star, the planet in the constellation Aquarius. It is located 40 light years away from Earth. The Earth is a long-time enemy of Trappists, so any interaction with ‘human’ has been forbidden.


The boy was sitting on the floor and staring at the white wall. Dr HardAsIronRod went closer to the wall, touched the surface and asked:
– How long your son have been in this condition, Mrs GrabMyHips?
– 9 years. 
– How old is he now?
– I guess 22. I’m not sure anymore.
 The woman cried. Her big breasts strained against the fabric of her tee.

– But why you haven’t visited my office before?
– I’ve tried. Really tried… But on the way to the appointment I’ve met a taxi-driver Mr MassiveExplosion, my third husband. It was a really busy time for our family. 

– And after that?
– After that I was too happy and I think my little boy, Focus, too. Because each time I was married I never heard him saying the word.
– The word? You mean THAT forbidden word?
– Yes, – whispered Mrs GrabMyHips.

Focus smiled at the wall and said: ‘Jazzzzz’.

The nurse, Ms LustfulTongue collapsed on the floor. Dr HardAsIronRod checked her pulse, thongs and got back to questioning:
– So what had happen after happy life with Mr MassiveExplosion?
– Hell. I’ve found out he’s cheating on me with our neighbour, Ms PinnedToBed.

Dr HardAsIronRod was a regular client of Ms PinnedToBed. He felt warmth spreading all over his body: to move in the perfect rhythm down those sweet hips – the best end of the day! But work comes first.
– It’s a very long story, Doctor. After that cheating bastard I’ve met amazing man, Mr HeatRisingUp, who’ve worked with the repair of the elevator in our house, – Mrs GrabMyHips sighed, – then one day I had a brief conversation with your secretary Mr GoDeeper-GetStronger and…
– Jazz! – said the boy again.

Silence. The place, where the only sound you can hear is stillness. 

– I have to talk to you privately for a minute, – said Dr HardAsIronRod.
Mrs GrabMyHips showed the path to her bedroom. As soon as the door shut behind them, she pulled the doctor closer in for a passionate kiss. Her tee is removed + his belt is off = IronRod got the freedom.
– I have been craving you for so long!!
– Well, you have 5 minutes… I am deep and powerful. I am deep and powerful, – Dr HardAsIronRod knew his way too well.


Ms LustfulTongue touched the shoulder of Focus:
– Hey, Focus, relax, they are gone. 
 -Yeah, she’s busy at least for a couple of days, right?
– So what is… jazz? – the flirting voice asked. 

– You have to undress and then I’ll tell you. 

With a strength and speed which caused the curtains to dance as if in a storm, he flipped her naked body over the old matras. Now he was in the full focus and control. Hard, deep and fast! He could feel her soul, could sense their bodies responding to each other in resonance. And then it was there… hot and cool. All together, in his heart.

– This is pure heaven!! Is it Jazz? – Ms LustfulTongue asked.
– Yeah. Making jazz is awesome. 


All this time Ms PinnedToBed spent on the roof. 13 hours! Not because she wanted to, but because her neighbour,Focus, promised to show her what jazz is.
It was cold. But the sound of the word ‘jazz’ was so mysterious. Maybe one day she could change her last name to ‘PinnedToTheRoof’ or ‘PinnedByJazz’? Ah, dreams keeps us alive even when the hope is gone. 

She’ve heard the gruesome scream from the bedroom of Mrs GrabMyHips. Envy has filled the heart. She can scream much louder! Ms PinnedToBed jumped down, on the balcony, right outside of the kitchen. Focus sat on the couch, with a coffee and a cigar. His nurse, Ms LustfulTongue, was also there, methodically burying her face between his jeans.

Ms PinnedToBed opened the door and shouted:
– I want jazz!
– No more words! I have better use for your mouth, Miss, – Focus smiled and pushed the nurse away. 


A bubble of excitement surged through the whole body of Ms PinnedToBed. As well as through the body of Dr HardAsIronRod, who was taking notes for the Authority Department, hiding inside of the couch, almost like a ninja, while Mrs GrabMyHips sweaty body was in the shower, sending boob-snapchats to her ex, Mr MorningWood.

‘It’s a fucking awesome day!’ – thought Ms LustfulTongue, running to the car with the briefcase of Dr HardAsIronRod in her hands. 

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