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Duality is found everywhere in nature. We usually call it ‘yin’ and ‘yang’.
Yang is the energising, activating and motivating principle of life. Yin is the nourishing and building principle of life.

Here some examples: 

  • driving the car, playing sports, multitasking, drinking coffee, eating spicy, making deals/business is yang activities. It is also hot, bright, fast, dry, aggressive, male, daytime, sun. 
  • sleeping, mediating, getting massage, eating oatmeal is yin activities. As well as it is cool, dark, slow, soft, stable, moist, female, night, moon. 

So if we’ll look at our hormones in the body, we’ll see that stress hormones are yang and sex hormones are yin. They are also harmoniously balanced and complement each other perfectly, because they are actually aspects of the One. 


If you remember I’ve told you before that every human being has a life force or energy (you can call it Soul if you want), but this life force in the Eastern Medicine called Qi (chi) or PRANA in Ayurveda. It is also manifestation of yang. It remains in the body as long as there’s life and leaves at the time of death. Yin is all the nourishing fluids that circulate in our bodies. So if yang and yin are balanced – our Qi or Prana (or soul) is robust. 

To tell you the truth, yin and yang forces work together all the time to maintain physical equilibrium which is YOU. 

NOTHING that exists is totally yin or totally yang!
They are simply in relation with each other.

But what if you have too much yang? Expect: head ache and ulcers, feel manic, restless, angry, fearful, insomnia.
Too much yin? Bloated, heavy, overweight, lethargic, stuffed, sad. 

Eastern Medicine teaches that we are affected physically and emotionally by every quality with which we come into contact. The general rule to remember (always!): Like increases Like. 

Simplifying: engaging in motivating activities will generally increase yang, engaging in nourishing and nurturing activities will increase yin. It is important to remember that for later (next post), when I’ll talk about hormones in our bodies. 

At the end: I guess you all remember an ancient symbol of the SELF, divided into light and dark (so called Tai Chi Circle). Dark and light or yin and yang are the components of Tao ( Non-existent, or Original Essence or God). The Tai Chi Circle should not be looked at as being a static circle but rather one that constantly spinning. Yin changes into yang and yang into yin. 
Eastern medicine has explored this concept of duality for millennia… We, as westerns and as women (especially!), need to understand duality too, so we can grasp how stress hormones (which are adrenaline and cortisol) and sex hormones (which are estrogen and progesterone), despite representing opposing energies, support and interact with each other to keep us Healthy and Whole. But about it – next time!


From the book ‘Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life’, by Dr. Claudia Welch
Image – Pedro Constantino Desenho.

Next post – Book Review ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’  


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  1. Whoa! I loved this! Reading about Yin and Yang and hormones were my faves!! This is brilliant. Will check that book reference you posted at the end. The way you described the duality is perfect! You amaze me all the time, Ray.

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  2. I like Pedro’s sketch, but it reminds me of someone having a stroke. Such facial changes would be indicative of it.
    But yes, I agree that yin and yang are constantly flowing around. I don’t see it as a circle, but as something less defined. Like an aura. Just particles flying around. Constantly moving, flowing in and out.

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