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The causes of fever (18+)

do not read this ‘tale’ if its late and you are alone...😱🙈😂

Luke Copyright

Do not forget to smile!


Doctor – Mr GiveMeABreak
Concierge – Mr FullyErected
Gardener – Mr SwollenEnough

Wife – Mrs AggressiveMouth
Step-son – Joe GrabIt
Husband – Mr Begging4Tomorrow
Young model – Ms DeepExplorer 

Monday. 11am 

The Office of the Doctor. 

Mrs AgressiveMouth: It’s all the fever, Doctor. Some mild diseases produce very high fevers – and severe illnesses can produce mild fever. Therefore, I am very sick!

Dr GiveMeABreak: But, my dearest, your husband is complaining that each time you are seeing him you are moaning loudly and begging to be…let me find the appropriative word. Hm, ‘filled’?

Mrs. AggressiveMouth: Because I’m starving (she lifted doctors shirt, unzipped the trouser and turned enough to engulf his treasure…)

Dr. GiveMeABreak: Did I say it was necessary? But it feels very juicy, Mrs Agggrrrrrrrr


Mr FullyErected was prepared. He knew all about Mrs…

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