The Rabbit that Wasn’t Right in the Head: A Fable

Most good people are not good people every day all day long…the story about the hungry hunter and too trusting rabbit. Perfect read for Friday 13 lol 

Christopher Lindsay

grey rabbitLong ago, a young girl went for a walk through a dark forest. She wore a long red coat with a red hood, and because she wore it all the time, everyone called her Red Riding Hood.

As she turned a corner on the path, she came face to face with a rabbit. The rabbit looked at her; she looked at the rabbit, and the rabbit started to run.

“Don’t be afraid!” Red Riding Hood called out. “I won’t hurt you!”

She ran after the rabbit, weaving around trees and bushes, and they both jumped over a stream.

The rabbit ran as fast as he could; however, Red Riding Hood was the fastest girl alive. (The previous summer, she ran away from a wolf.) As she caught up with the rabbit, she reached to grab him, but he leaped into a bush—and BAM! He smacked head-first into a boulder, fell…

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