Spain, Marbella. ‘Worry about today, tomorrow will take care of itself’.

Photo from my vacation in Spain, Marbella (plus 1 day in Seville) 

Next post – Book review ‘Idaho’ 


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  1. Is that YOU in the small crowd watching the dancer/singer?? You do seem to catch the ‘essence’ with your pictures! Beautiful ‘blue’ colors everywhere! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Oooh, so much beautiful and yummy things! And the tea, thank you! 😉 And at least one door. And a busy church. And a book! And lovely patterns of ornaments. And you on a strange device. 😀 I’d say you had a marvellous time! Back home yet?

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  3. Isn’t my country beautiful? Plus you went to places that I most people can’t afford, lucky woman Marbella is were people with money go, but still a beutiful place, been there when I was in the army. Can ask you what did you like most of Marbella and glad you had fun……man, you should’ve call me……

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