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The State Of Present

Die to the past every moment. You don’t need it. 
Eckhart Tolle

Understanding Presence is being present. You can’t think about presence, and the mind can’t understand it. There’s a little experiment you can try today:

Close your eyes and say to yourself ‘I wonder what my next thought is going to be?’. Then sit and wait for the next thought. Be like a cat watching a mouse hole. What thought is going to come out of the mouse hole? 

Try it.

I have to tell you, I’ve tried the experiment, and I had to wait 5 or more minutes. Why this is happening? Because as long as you are in a state of INTENSE presence – you are free of thought. You are still. You are in peace. All the mental noice disappearing. Zen masters use the word ‘SATORI’ to describe a flash of insight, a moment of no-mind and total presence (often when the person is alone and surrounded by nature). Satori is not the lasting transformation, but it is a first step if you have the troubled mind or a difficult mind-chatter inside of your head.

Even 1-2 minutes in NOW counts. The wider the time gap -> the more depth there is to you as a human being -> the more conscious you are!

Have a great day and if you are a new follower, read the post about the book ‘Power Of Now’ here:  The Greatest Obstacle to ‘Happy You’

Beauty arises in the stillness of your Presence.
Mind can neither recognize nor create beauty. 

Based on the book of Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power Of Now’. Next post BOOK REVIEW ‘Next Year in Havana’ Chanel Cleeton 


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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. Beautiful post, Rayno and even I am a great fan of Eckhart and listen to him almost daily on YouTube and yes I too read a lot of Zen and have you heard Adyashanti who too is a motivational speaker. Such true words of wisdom. Thanks for the awesome share.

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  2. It is as though you wrote your post with me in mind. I struggle with remaining in the now and as I am returning to work today I keep leaping forward to what might be/what ifs. I needed this to remind me how to keep myself present in the moment and not to leap ahead into what is the unknown.

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  3. I am going to give this a good effort. Be present. The next thought. The present is all we have really. The past is already gone and the future is yet to happen. So it is now, the present. And so often I just let it go by without noticing. Thanks Ray. Needed this .

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  4. Yes of cource, we ought to enjoy every moment by remaining in present. The past is always a cancelled cheque. The future too would always be a promissory note. Only the present is cash in hand, which can be enjoyed without any if’s and buts.

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  5. I do always rather wonder about Tolle. I read Now with much pleasure but I have yet to meet a true magician. Perhaps the Dalai Lama would not disappoint me. But then wisdom and peace must flow from within; I am not at all sure it can be taught.

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    • Oh I don’t know so much about Tolle, maybe I should google him, but I enjoyed reading the book as well, some of the parts more, some – less. I agreed u r right about peace from within but I think with the time we all can change if we know the way & the methods. And if we really desire that. I mean our spiritual part…or karma

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      • I very much HOPE we can change. I have certainly tried and continue to do so. But to be honest my bedrock character probably has NOT changed over the years: I have simply reverted to what I always should have been – rather quite and rather cerebral. I tried for many years to MAKE myself work in finance, to enjoy it. I never did – it was a self destructive exercise. I am increasingly interested in determinism/ randomness, free will vs predetermination. Anyway I enjoy your work!

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      • All change is inside or maybe change is not the right word. I guess the core doesn’t change much but our views, feelings, opinions etc…- changes.
        But in general being in Now is about enjoying the life where u r at. And that’s not always easy.

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