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Psycho – Logical Tale “Freedom”

Year 2033.
Place: ‘Liberty-city’

Mr Freodom is the priest of the small local community in the city of Liberty.
On the usual Sunday night he’d pray to the God and read his favourite Bible verses, but today was an unusual Sunday, because he asked Ms Tits-Rules to join him for the late ‘Bible-study’.
Let me mention: Mr Freodom never done that before! But Ms Tits-Rules was a very special lady. Almost like ‘Saint’, but in a very short skirt. With the legs.

He decided to order a pizza. Ms Tits-Rules told him she love-love-LOVES pizza, with “a double of everything”. Mr Freodom almost got the chills when he heard her saying those words. She was abnormally sexy and ‘on-the-house’ kind of soul.


The phone rings.
– Pizzeria “Extreme Impotence”! Good afternoon, I’m listening!
– Pizzeria what?
– Pizzeria “Extreme Impotence”. What would you like to order?
– But where is Pizzeria “Flexible Tomato“?
– Ah, yes, “Extreme Impotence” bought it last week. My name is Mr Full-Swing!
– Chinese in the pizzeria? Perfect! Okay, I’d like to order…pizza “God’s Hand” with ‘a double of everything’: cheese, ham, a bottle of the beer.
– Excuse me, can I give you some advice?
– No.
– Haha. I would like to advise a pizza with the spinach, ruccola, herbs, and a bottle of mineral water with the low salt content.
– Why is that?
– A lot of benefits for your health. You have a very high cholesterol and you have not taken any pill recently…Let me check. Yes, for 2 month.
– How do you know that???
– We have a huge database of all doctors and pharmacies of the city, and the last time you were there, mmm – 3 months ago. And in 1 package only 30 pills.
– Fuck YOU!

Hurrah! Feeling the liberation? Yeah, he’s just a customer. Unknown!

Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanks-giving. Ephesians 5:4
– Damn. It is true Mr Full-Whatever-You-Swing! Bless those who curse you…
Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.
– I just want my fkn pizza, booooy!
– Do you wanna know what I think? I think you should go to your doctor tomorrow morning and take the tests that you did 3 months ago to clarify the dosage of medications. After that you can call me and order your double-of-everything.
– Shut up!
– Please, do not be upset, Ms Tits-Rules will wait for you, right here…
– Bastard! How do you know THAT?

Mr Freodom hung up the phone and immediately texted to Ms Tits-Rules: “I hate-hate-HATE pizza!” 


2 minutes later. Pizzeria “Extreme Impotence”.

Ms Tits-Rule lifted her skirt, rolling it up over her back. Without hesitation and almost in the same movement Mr Full-Swing pulled her panties down and left them halfway down her thighs. He raised his hand to the shoulder-height and brought it down in a FULL swift swing.

Next post – “The greatest obstacle to HAPPY YOU”, Monday. The plan for the week will be added on the page “Weekly BrainTeaser” tomorrow.


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