There is no real ending. There’s only the place where you stop the story.

Just a couple of thoughts to share:

1. According to Stephen King I am NOT a writer, 

because :

“Writers remember everything…especially the hurts. Strip a writer to the buff, point to the scars, and he’ll tell you the story of each small one. From the big ones you get novels. A little talent is a nice thing to have if you want to be a writer, but the only real requirement is the ability to remember the story of every scar. Art consists of the persistence of memory.”

The thing is… I have a very BAD memory :)) AAAAA!!!

Sometimes I feel I’m more the blogger than the writer. And maybe I AM…

2. 20 – 23 march I’ll be in Riga, that means this week is screwed again. A little bit. But I’ll try to post 3 times: photo-posts, food-posts (Ayurveda) and the essay “How all of us can achieve extraordinary things” based on the book “PEAK” Anders Ericsson/Robert Pool.

3. SecondHand Giveaway

The rules are simple.
You can get any book I read and reviewed.

Sends internationally. 
All you have to do: get the book -> read the book -> write your own review or the post/essay/any thougths about this book and link it to any of my posts (notice: not to the page, but to any post)
The list of the books you’ll find on the page “Weekly BrainTeaser.” With the time I’ll add new books to the list. Check once a month.

4. Also I’ll run the contest/competition from 1 may to 3 june. The name of the contest – “The Hero’s Journey.”

Entries may be in any literary style. 
The competition is free to enter and submissions must be between 300 – 4000 (max!) words in length.
The winner will receive 200 $. 
Two runners-up will receive 50 $.

The entry should be send from the new mail-box (anonymous).
The story won’t be accepted if your name is on the mail-box.

Write the name of the contest in the “subject” field.
The deadline for entries 3 june 2018.
Please expect a response within 4 weeks of the deadline.
Send your entries to:


On the first page: write only the answers to the questions 1-5.

1. The name of your hero.
 Create a hero (fictional). The name – hero from your favourite book (any); the last name of the hero – any common word.

Example: ‘Becky AllInclusive’ = Becky (Sharp) + the word Allinclusive

2. Give your hero a motto: 1-2 sentences (no more!)

3. Give your hero a purpose: 2-4 sentences.

4. Give your hero 5 qualities (as a minimum):
Quality 1 –
Quality 2 –

Quality 3 –
Quality 4 –
Quality 5 –

5. Describe the core idea of your story: 4-5 sentences

On the second page:

The drawing, sketch, photo – anything (your own or from the Google) that gives the idea how your hero should look.

Next => Add your full story/or poem/or flash. Send it.

More info coming later. I’ll create a separate page (check on the raynotbradbury-site), where you can read the rules again.
And hey…you can already start! Write, write, write…

P.S. This is a scheduled post.
Next post -> Riga-Photo-Session


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  1. King has a lot of helpful things to say about writing…

    If you create a visual image and people see and react to it, you are an artist. If you put words together and people read and react to them, you are a writer…

    Guess what that makes you?


    • mmm…i dont know. i cant say i’m a writer. I don’t feel it yet. But I like to write funny stories..or maybe something about health. Thats all. I like to share, and to talk.
      Can i be half of each? lol haha


  2. I love Stephen King. He has long been my favorite novelist. That doesn’t mean I think every proclamation he makes is true. I think a better way to think of writers rather than as recorders who remember EVERYTHING is as storytellers who, regardless of whether or not they remember particular details, can effortlessly supply them.

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    • I love Stephen King as well, or maybe better to say I respect him and he’s very inspiring:) ✌️💓
      Yes, probably the quote is out of the context, but in general I’d agree – with him & u, or ur interpretation:)) ☀️📖✍️😃

      Liked by 1 person

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