Editing a first draft of a novel is kinda depressing…

Sharing the excerpts from my YA-novel (all 3 from the first chapter). Opinions? Kill it or leave it?

1. The beginning of the book 

“Do not do shit just to please your parents. Or anybody. Because one day you will wake up with a thought “Where am I?” and you’ll blame them. All of them. Choose your own path. Choose your happiness. Fight for it if you must. Always. Still thinking your parents know the best? I adore your naivety, my friend. If I’ll ever write the “Naivety Book”, I’ll save a special place in the the first chapter for you…” – I’ve stopped typing.
The golden beams of the sun were radiating around me just like the light from the heavenly bodies of the fireflies which I adore to watch after the nightfall. The rays played tricks with my hands. The smell of the morning-coffee silently climbed through the door.

2. Conversation with ‘step-mom’

“Dulcinea! I can’t find my…what are you wearing?” – surprised voice.
“All I can see is the dirty odds and ends. Does they allow it in the school?”
“I never asked. But if you don’t like I can change it to bikini.”
“Stop being cocky! You are just like Mary,” – she enjoy mentioning my mom, who died many years ago, on the same day I was born.
“Is it a bad thing?”
“I didn’t say that!!!”

3. About a friend and life in general

“Being present” is like a damn oatmeal in the morning. It tunes you into all five senses.

You wake up and your mental chatter is already there, reminds you who’s the boss. You don’t know how to turn her off, you don’t know how to explain to your parents all the mess circulating in your head.

Eat the oatmeal before it gets cold and unsavoury!

You are moving in the lethargic pace because you don’t have any power. And you don’t care. But you are hungry! Your brain are sinking in a loud, crazy, and at times, unbearable, real life. You feed your parents with the lies, scared, that they’ll find out how badly you are “messed up”. 

“Good bye, oatmeal!”
“Hello, the real life of the teenager!”

Jess was my ‘oatmeal’, she knew the way to shut off my crazy chatter. The voice inside of your head that reminds you of the things you didn’t get done in time, messed up on, or have yet to do… Jess was my power. The amazing power of “being present”. 

Next post – Mindfulness/Ayurveda


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  1. Loved reading this, although am late to the party (no change there) …. I so loved the first … and with the hindsight of age (in 235) I know my naive self assumed my parents knew everything… idiot me 🙈

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  2. “I really liked the beginning of the book. I felt I could relate to that first paragraph quiet strongly now and wish it was something someone had told my naive self back when I was a teenager. I liked how it was in your face, then followed by a more poetic paragraph, I liked the shift.
    Also, the oat meal friend is an amazing way to introduce her. I really like when a friendship is introduced in a powerful way.
    I’m still at the start of writing my first novel, so I am not experienced with the editing side of it yet, but I hope it goes well and becomes an enjoyable process for you.”

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  3. I really like the first excerpt you provided. It sounds like this book would have a lot of sarcasm to it, which I really like. The second excerpt is also quite intriguing but a little editing is needed. The third excerpt was the hardest for me to understand because there was no context but of course, that will be resolved when it’s in the actual story.
    I think that you have a lot of talent and should definitely continue writing and editing your work!

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  4. Keep writing, find some good beta readers to give you feedback, and have someone else (not yourself) edit it once you are finished with your final draft. Your book looks like it’s going to be an interesting read. 🙂

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  5. I can relate! I’ve just finished the first draft of my book and I’m so happy but at the same time I’m not looking forward to the editing part. It’s the worst part of writing! But it’ll be worth it in the end 😀 good luck!

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