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“Everything I don’t remember” #quotes

I’ve decided to make a separate post for the quotes from the book of Jonas Hassen Khemiri “Everything I don’t remember”. The Book Review will be posted on Saturday. 

1. “You know how to make sure someone will remember you?”
“I guess there are probably several ways. But I guess one good idea is to try to evoke a strong emotion – isn’t that right? That what we remember most – the things we have the strongest feelings about?”
“Maybe. But there’s an easier way.”
“Which is?”
You should make them associate you with a daily routine.”

2. I try to cry, I try to squeeze out a few tears, but all I see is that blank face, that false body that has never felt a genuine emotion, that has never burst out in rage without considering it first, that has never kissed someone without thinking how the kiss will look to outsiders…

3. Some people have a magical gift. They transform everyone else into idiots. They look at people with eyes that make whatever anyone else says fall dead to the ground. Every joke you utter loses lift and crash-lands. Laide is one of those people. 

4. Mankind as in “HUMANS” or mankind as in “PEOPLE with penises”? 

5. “She was so beautiful that I DIED – I saw her and I wanted to melt, you know what I mean, I wanted to go up to her and lap up the sweat from her shoes, I mean for serious, what is it Biggie says in that song? She was so beautiful I was ready to suck her dad’s dick, you know?
I swear she wasn’t just beautiful, she was the foxiest fox, she was foxier than the Fox River, she was
Beyonce times a hundred, we’re talking Janet Jackson before the plastic surgery, we’re talking that girl from 21 Jump Street, the big sister on Cosby, Hilary from Fresh Prince but with brains..”


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  1. I’m very intrigued by the variety of quotes here! From emotional to crass, it makes me wonder if they all come from one character voice, or many? Great quotes and I can’t wait for the review!


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