De-stress in 1 minute or less

The snow is still here/Sweden (on the photo is the balcony, second floor of the house):

My new MacBookPro with a Touch Bar. Life is easier now. Writing? Hm.

The editing of the book: YA The Dulcinea Project. Very slow. Too slow. But I’m definitely going to finish the second draft during the spring. 

Look at my WrinkleBabies! My dogs …are always in the mood for the adventure. 

When you are feeling stressed, and you keep going over and over the same problem in your mind, with no solution, – take action. Do anything to remove your energy from the issue.You will find that when you are proactive, your mind will become more clear, solutions will arise, and you will feel more self-confident. Free yourself from feeling like a victim and become victorious instead!
Jenni Young


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  1. Oh boy that is still lots of snow.the forecast says snow over here tonight but I doubt it will be that much…and I hope🙄doggies are cutie pies and I feel sooooooo relaxed,stress free and and defenetely with less wrinkles already😜

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  2. The snow looks so beautiful for ones who are deprived of it. ..😀

    The MacBook seems so awesome with a touchpad of the size of a tab😂

    As usual ur dogs are too cute…beautiful clicks …
    Njoy the cold with coffee and keep on writing and keep on shinning Ray

    Much love

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