The lesson of ‘Perfect Pitch’ from Luke Copyright

Perfect Pitch is not only about the music 🙂

Luke Copyright

The year is 2018 and Luke Copyright captivates audiences in his hometown WP with his skills on the “knowing the women” and various sex-tricks/life hacks. That means Luke can look at your body with his closed eyes and tell everything about you: what did you eat for the breakfast and why the last one night stand ended up without any “stand”.

Luke knows!

beauty-bikini-body-classy-favim-com-3093880The technical term for that mysterious gift is “absolute pitch”, and it is exceptionally rare – only about 1 in every 10,000 people has it.

For example, Mozart had it, Igor Stravinsky did not; Frank Sinatra had it, Miles Davis did not. I’m talking now about their ability or skill to hear a note played on a musical instrument (any note!) and immediately identify which note it was.

So did the seven year old Mozart have a gift for perfect pitch?
Everything that scientists…

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  1. Years ago, my Bulgarian air-hostess friend whom I used to socialize with…said I was her perfect pitchka….I just brushed it off not knowing what it meant…. Few years later, I learned what it meant from another Serbo-Russian girlfriend… Now, here you are with the perfect pitch….I am sure, Frank Sinatra must have sure a lot!

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