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Book Review “18 steps to own your life” Keith McArthur

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control,
shift your energy to what you can create.”
Roy T. Bennet

The book “18 steps to own your life” is a self-help book that offers healthy, smart and appropriate tools for personal change. The book will help you adapt, and adapt well, in today’s fast-paced world.

The name itself is speaking to you: 18 steps is ALLLL you need. After that you are settled -> the OLD you will become a totally NEW you.

The thing is that the online-world loves the #numbers. Too much. 

  • we love to count our life-lessons,
  • we love to count our blogging or beauty tips,
  • we love to count… 
                                      EVERY THING!

Why? Because we want to find the solution quickly. We are too busy, we don’t have any time. We want to wrap all the hard work and success in 5-10-20 short steps.

Wow! Look at this, this is easy 🙂 1, 2…jump – 5!

But whatever. Maybe I’m too old-fashioned, and life is definitely can be solved by following 5, 10 or 18 steps.

Personally I’d never buy the book with the title “X steps to better life/you/Heaven”, because I know there’re probably 888, or even 88,800 steps …but never only 5, 10 or 18 (interesting, would anyone buy the book ‘88,000 steps to a better you’?)

The book’s style is light and punchy, reminiscent of a blog. Each chapter is broken up into small sections, often set apart with a cool and smart headlines and framed with different quotes or references from other self-help books.
The material is easy to understand, and it is also based on the real story of the author and very approachable.

In general, the book is kind of an effective memory-device which helps you to focus on the right life-choices.

The structure of the book:

There’re 4 parts.
Every part consists from 3, 4 or 5 different steps you have to = #must take.
There’re also BONUSES, for those who are serious enough to start the changes already today: for example, worksheet, to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs (you can download them).
Key Takeaways – after each part, for those who still ‘didn’t get’ it.

When I worked at the school I’ve met a lot of kids who could read the text, lets say 400-500 words and they could never (NEVER!!!) describe me afterwards – “what is the idea of the text” – in only 1-2 sentences. If you are that kid – ‘key takeaways’ are for you.

There’re a lot of different examples and techniques in the book “18 steps to own your life”. I’m sure you know some, but I’d advice you to check anyway, for ‘surprises’ lol, especially if you are a food junkie or never went to the gym, or struggling with heavy depression, or maybe just a very negative, always complaining dude/dudessa.

The book is easy to navigate. It includes an accessible ‘summary’ that provides conclusions and key points for convenient reference once the book is completed. You can also listen to the podcast of the author or download helpful and captivating  material from his website, if you’ll feel the need.

My rate is 3,5 from 5.

Here’s the website of the author (I’ve got the copy of the book from the author)Book Launch: Behind the Scenes


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    • Mmm, I’d advice to browse the website of the author and to check the podcasts (as step 1).
      Personally I don’t see this book as help to the ppl who got problems in personal lives. It is kinda “all-around-help” book: from the food/tidying up to how to fight the negativity.
      The author has an interesting life/story and he’s def share only what helped him…
      I prefer very practical or funny 🙂 self-help books.
      Ps. “18 steps” r very motivational book tho 🙂

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