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Psycho – logical tale “Power”

Time and place:

The Earth, year 4018, 10 march.


Mr LackOfGuts – 2 brothers (one – married, one – single)

Mrs LackOfGuts – the wife

Mr Show de Power – The president of the company “Powerful Solutions”, runs the world.

Ms HotNeedles – the secretary

Mr FrozenNuts – the porter, in the elevator


As usual, he was right. Red bikini.
Ms HotNeedles was her normal self: standing in the doorway to the office room, in a tiny piece of the red cloth. She reached toward him and cupped his now obvious bulge, tenderly, while looking in his eyes with that soft expression she gave him every day.

It was too good, the sensation. She touched him through his pants…and made him cum. In his pants.

“Your first visitor on the list today, Mr LackOfGuts..” – suddenly Ms HotNeedles was all about the job.
“Let me change my bullets, – Mr Show de Power winked, – and I’m ready to give a new shot!”
Ms HotNeedles smiled. She knew who was waiting him in the closet.


Mr LackOfGuts arrived at the main office of the company “Powerful Solutions” before the noon. He couldn’t wait to meet the most influential man of the world.
The purpose of the meeting: to beg to save the life of his brother.

Mr LackOfGuts entered the elevator.
“Floor 786, please” – he told to the tall oily porter-guy.
“Up we goooo, “ – Mr FrozenNuts chewed the gum, – if you are bored we can have some fun. It’s a looooong ride.”
“Like what?” – asked Mr LackOfGuts with the caution.
“Extra…ordinary stuff.”

The heavy breathing and the long, hanging out tongue of Mr FrozenNuts didn’t set the right mood for the fantasy.
“You know how many went through this body? – Mr FrozenNuts pointed at himself – Gimme a guess, sweet boy.”
Mr LackOfGuts snuggled up, to the farthest corner:
“Only on the way up…” – and Mr FrozenNuts started to whistle.


Mr Show de Power frowned:
“How old is your brother, Mr LackOfGuts?”
“He is 36 years old. He is too young to die. To spend 50 or 100 thousands of years on the shelf as a fuckin’ dust. He doesn’t deserve this!”
“Some people spend millions of years on those shelves, waiting. And I never seen them disappointed.”
“I’m begging you. And his wife is also begging you. Our family is begging you.”

Mr Show de Power stood up and took a brisk walk to the window. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and started travelling around the window.

“Do you know why do I have three legs?”
“Because the third isn’t the leg.”

Mr LackOfGuts shivered, he still remembered the touch of the frozen nuts and a super friendly bath with the hot needles.

“I’ll give your brother one week. Stop crying. Only because his wife signed the papers too. Now – leave!”
‘But I’ve been only 3 minutes here,” – Mr LackOfGuts refused to give up.
“I have to massage my leg. This conversation have drained all the power out of me. Ms HotNeedles, show the exit to our guest.”


Mrs LackOfGuts opened the closet and relocated all her 7 tits inside of the office-room:
“So, what’s next?”
“Well, I know it’s breaking protocol, but I’ve got some THING for you. Again,” – replied Mr Show de Power.
“But afternoon is supposed to be about me…” – a very confused voice.
“I’m going to make the dust from your husband and I’ve fulfilled your dreams about 7 tits. What else do you want, greedy bitch?”

She stood before him, naked. Her body already flinched at the pleasurable contact with his “third leg”.

“Lick it!” – ordered Mr Show de Power.
“But its already wet.”
“NOT YET, I’ll tell you when it will be…”

Her tongue reached down to his “third leg”.


Night. Mr Show de Power was in his bed, completely safe, snoring and smiling. Someone crawled over to him, holding a sharp object above his body.
“Mmmm, FrozenNuts…again you?” – Mr Show de Power opened his eyes to face the man in the black suit. The man was holding an axe in the right hand and a pan in the left.

It was Mr LackOfGuts. Calm. Too calm.

“To cut off the leg or to smash the leg?” – without hesitation asked Mr LackOfGuts.
“Anything, if slowly.”
“Believe me, it will be…”


The next morning the ‘Powerful Solutions’-archive was filled with two new jars: 1- Mrs LackOfGuts; 2 – Ms HotNeedles

“I’ve heard you are our new secretary. Welcome aboard!” – Mr FrozenBalls waved to Mr LackOfGuts, who was running upstairs, dressed in a tiny red cloth…

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