In all of your living, don’t forget to live

Some pictures from my Tuesday.
Mostly shopping-day.
We visited the book store as well. Girls said they doesn’t like to read, but they love books tho, as a decoration 🙂 lol Pictures from the book I’ve found at the store (very funny, but meaningful), check it out.
And Ray – in the mirror (at home).

“Day or night, good or bad…all things from within.” T.F. Hodge

“I believe all people are assholes. You won’t find anyone that you like.
You’ll just find someone you dislike a little less than the last asshole.
And I can’t wait for that day.

To have a woman that I can say I dislike a little less than all the other assholes.”
Travis J Dahnke

Next post – Book Review  


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  1. I LOVE TinTin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met him when I was 9 or so and fell in love. Such absolutely inappropriate books for today, but so much fun.
    I was also struck by the ‘books as decoration.’ Those poor girls. Those poor poor girls.
    I think my favorite illustration story was the ‘woman’ undressing. Layers removed to finally be set free.

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    • Yeah but maybe bcz they r studying lots they don’t like to read…I don’t know 🙂 anyway, they said they hate reading. But they love watch YouTube and listen podcasts:) I guess diff generation
      Love tintin as well 💓💓

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