Bad, bad Russia: why is it difficult for Russians to accept homosexuality?

Be different, be a better you today than you were yesterday – and let others be different from you… interesting post to read 🙂


For my international readers: We usually don’t speak about this topic with foreigners, as we don’t expect people, who don’t know how life in Russia looks like, to understand our point of view. So please be nice in commenting, as this is a very difficult topic to talk about 😉

The reasons, why being gay is not widely accepted in Russia, are very complex.

During my international Master program, I spent the first semester in Barcelona. There I have seen a scene when two guys with long beards were lying on the grass and kissing each other – and I felt uncomfortable. Nevertheless, not because that was a homosexual couple, but because they have been kissing in public. I came from a very conservative country, we do not really appreciate that.

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  1. I live in the US but originally from India. We have the same conservative outlook engrained on our minds. And it took time for me to accept that homosexual couples are no different from us. It takes courage to write on such topic so bravo 👏

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  2. I really don’t know what to say…

    “to explore new grounds” (зондировать почву) …in other words, probe the soil…is viewed differently… Likewise, to “be in the hole” (быть по уши в долгах)… also seems to have a different meaning…. It apparently means to “be up to your ears in debt”….

    чёрт побери!… it’s kinda confusing, this gay bit (kidding)… they don’t seem to have an orientation manual!

    Thanks for liking my post on translation and misunderstood idioms…. I guess the above comment explains it… have a nice day!

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