Your Soulful, Subtle Self/ Ayurveda

One of Ayurveda’s main teachings is that we balance our doshas, so that the subtle forces or energies that support the doshas are flowing intelligently and are empowering.
Each of the doshas contain and provide an energy force:

PRANA (our breathe, our movements)
TEJAS (personality, thoughts)
OJAS (mental and physical stability, ability to renew and restore)

Simply, you are what you EAT, SEE and FEEL.

Example: you spend hours on the Pinterest or watching Youtube videos – you feel exhausted afterward – and maybe even a little bit sad. But if you sit outside after dinner in the moonlight and soak in the sound of the birds, after a while, you start to feel calm. Your mood even turns devotional. The birds, the wind, moonlight ‘feed’ you. The internet (in excess) depletes you.

So there are sensory impressions that feed us in a healthy way. You can come up with your own list of healthy sensory – foods

The question is, from an energetic standpoint,
are you eating junk food or nourishing food?

So, just as you can profoundly affect your health by eating well, you can positively impact your subtle body through things like deep breathing, yoga, calming your senses, and good old-fashioned love.

When we work to build balance with our doshas, we can then positively create these subtle energies – and we take a step closer to not only empowering our life’s desires, but also understanding who we really ARE.

Based on the book of Katie Silcox “Happy Healthy Sexy” 

Today I had a really busy day. I’ve groomed my dog, I cleaned 2 floors-house, food shopping, dog-walking, cooking: lunch for 2 and dinner for 5. I was on the move all the time: from 8am to 8pm. 

It was a vegetarian dinner. And here’s below the pics => zucchini cutlets with oregano herbs, beetroot and carrot cutlets with garam masala and basil herbs. Salad – mango, avocado, coriander/fresh herbs, chilies.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post tomorrow. Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m going to post the book review on Wednesday. 
Luke Copyright’s Blog going to suffer the most, because I have no possibility to post twice or create a special funny content.


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