Too many Awards in One

Rise up and salute the Sun!
Bring sunshine into the place you enter!

I’ve got so many awards, folks. Huge thanks for that.
The Versatile Blogger Award from 
Liebster Award from JoAnn
Sunshine Awards from Narutomath96 and Roy
I’ve got other awards too, but I forgot to take a screenshot of them lol
The Appreciation award from aguycalledbloke coming later, next week. 


7 facts about me:

  1. I count my water intake. I drink always 7-8 glasses a day. Plus I drink at least 3 cups of fresh brewed tea each day. 
  2. I’m not a beach girl.
  3. My favourite exercise – with kettle belles
  4. I have more than 60 different professional eye-shadows at home, but I’m using only 1 – brown 
  5. I’m sleeping in one bed with my dogs. I have my own bedroom. I can’t sleep well if another person is in my bed. Thats why my husband have own bedroom too.
  6. My nails are always short. Fav nail polish – black or red.
  7. I love oysters.


1. What is your favorite food?

2 What place would you like to visit that you haven’t been to yet and why?
My husband want to go to South Korea/Japan this summer or Washington/and other places in USA. I think Japan sounds more fun :))
But because it is so loooong flight, I probably will pick something in Europe instead haha
3 How would you describe your dream house?
picture lol


4. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
I don’t like when people behave “superior” towards other people.
5. What hobbies do you have besides writing, or maybe to support your writing?
I’m hobby-less. My obsession goes up and down in ‘waves’. For example 2 weeks I’m obsessed with the blog. Then I’m dropping it, and I’m obesessed with the movies. I can watch all day long (every free minute, I can even walk with my iPad on the streets lol). Then I’m dropping it, and I read 5-7 books in a week, or I’m painting a week or two 🙂 or I’m cooking/baking 2 new dishes each day during 2 weeks. so what is my hobby?..
6. What kind of music and instrumental do you like?
Guitar, piano, accordion/harmonic, saxophone.
7. Are you a realistic person, or more of a dreaming one? If you can choose, then do you want to live in this real world or a fantasy world you like to imagine?
Real world. I have the idea that we all are ‘waiting’…to get here, on The Earth 🙂 so enjoy and be happy peeps.
I’m 70% realistic, 30 % dreaming. I’m also 99% pragmatic.
8. Do you often experience over-thinking in your everyday life, and what do you think about it?
I do not overthink. In general I don’t think much. I keep it empty. I think if you allow your mind go wild – you’ll over-think much and def feel sad. But I dont. I want my head and heart at peace. So yeah, I’m walking around with an empty head. I dont see any dreams when I’m sleeping as well. I’m just sleeping 🙂
9. Is there an ideal place in the world that you want to travel, or even to live in?
I like Sweden. In the winter I’d like to live in the warmer place tho (5-6 month)
10. Can you share a little about your romance in life?
Romance? What’s dat???

My plans changed and I’m staying at home this weekend. I have guests (3 girls), arriving on Monday – staying to Wednesday, so I dont know if I’ll be able to post as I usually do. Anyway, I’ll write a new plan today, for a week ahead (you can check it on The Bank Of Ideas later/Menu)
I’m going to Riga on 25th, with my mum, she is coming with 1 month visit (17 of March). Oh.


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  1. Very fun to read. I do the same with my hobbies. I consider it having a lot of hobbies but they’re all little obsessions I rotate or burn out after a while. Sometimes they’re a semi-regular thing, other times I will do something until I feel like I’ll never do it again and pick it up a couple years later.

    For example, I finally finished a 4x6ft latch-hook rug I made in spurts over 10 years and feel like I could go the rest of my life without doing it again… then I look at Pinterest and am like “wow, that *would* be cute and it couldn’t possibly take as long as that huge thing I did…”

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  2. Hey Congrats! I don’t know how the awards work but that’s awesome! Reading your hobbies cracked me up because I am the scatterbrain of hobbies. Have a good time with your house guests!

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  3. omg,except for the kettle bell and the oyster it could have been me describing myself and that house……i couldnt ask for more….if in a scandinavian country even bettter

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