Haiku “Sexting Nation” #2

1. Bring whipped cream. Talk dirty.
I’m too damn horny. Lick it.
Slowly. Dang you are good.

2. Trust me, I know how
To deal with your hard muffin.
She said on her knees.

3. You are a wizard-
Too busy mouth confessed.
Blow-dream of many.

4. I’m dying slowly
Between your legs, forgetting,
My cum belongs here.

5. Crawl towards me, girl,
Tell me to fuck you. Kill it!
Sweet innocent voice.

6. One push. Am I there?
Legs wide enough, inch by inch
Punishing your guts.

7. Can’t walk for a week.
The best breakfast ever!
Wet panties left tired…

8. It will never leave you.
Going deeper each time.
Gasping for the air.

9. Her tits are begging: 
Netflix, pizza, and big papi.
Let’s start with spanking.


Drawing – Sergey Ishmaev


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    • 🙂 traditional haiku discuss subjects of nature, including seasons. But the most important is the philosophy of haiku 🙂 => : the focus on a brief moment in time, use of provocative, colorful images lol 😂, ability to be read in one breath, and a sense of sudden enlightenment and illumination 🙂
      I do not write haiku, but I posted once, also about sexting (just for a laugh) & it’s kinda popular:))

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      • I am absolutely blown subconsious,when I saw the fire in your eyes, at first, and the, curvatures of your, face, immediately, I was stunned, I felt somewhat embarrassed, as a fire grew from within me, and what right would I have, to fantasy, and now, I can say, raynotbradbury, I have seen the light, and the truth, seeing these; “sexting” instant, certain, pops(!) a brand new world, let it be heard, I now believe, in the unlimited force and power of the writer. I will however, withhold certain ergs, and stand, impressed at the powers that be. Thank You raynotbradbury!

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