On Ableism and Things We Need to Stop Saying to People with Disability

Someone said, that “discrimination…starts when we look for the first time in mirror”. Are we that bad?
We scream we are choosing – freedom, love, compassion, care, but what we practice on a daily basis is the most important…
Let’s change one person at a time 🙂 Now go and look in the mirror!

Waking Up at 3 a.m

Discrimination is still a problem that we face in modern society. And while we’re already familiar with racism, sexism, and religion discrimination, disabled people also have to face discrimination. Ableism is a form of dicrimination against disabled people, including the expression of hate for disabled people, and making the non-disabled people feeling superior to the disabled. It might not be much discussed like other kind of discriminations, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening out there. Some people, included me, sometimes don’t even realize that they’re being ableist because it’s been happening in our society for too long to the point where it’s considered normal. Do you remember how many times you’ve used the word “retarded” to call your friends who don’t have developmental disability, or use the word “deaf” to call your friends who don’t really have hearing problem? Well, that’s just one example.

When I was a…

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