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You are stupid and lazy, and will never be great, but you do what you know…

“After the first glass of vodka
you can accept just about anything of life
 even your own mysteriousness
you think it is nice that a box
of matches is purple and brown
and is called La Petite and comes from Sweden

for they are words that you know and that is all you know
words not their feelings or what they mean
and you write because you know them
not because you understand them,because you don’t,
you are stupid and lazy and will never be great
but you do what you know because what else is there?”
Frank O’Hara

I’ve finished the first draft of my YA novel!


Yes, I know, it will be more work and this is just the first draft. But I’m so happy to be “doooone” with the story. At least I know now how it will end. 
Haha, you’ve heard it right.. I wrote the story without even knowing what’s going to happen in the next chapter. There’s some kind of the beauty in it, don’t you think?

So far it is 22.000 words. I believe it is good enough because some places (explaining of ‘genetic engineering, DNA’ and sweet love stories at Espresso House I left undeveloped). Yeah, I’d like to be conversant with a wide range mathematical, chemical and microbiological skills. But I am not…

I’m going to expand my “HAT” (the name for the first draft) to 30.000, when I’ll re-read and edit each chapter. I’ve decided I’ll edit 2 chapters in a week, that means it will take about 5-6 weeks. So hopefully in the middle or end of April I’ll have a full manuscript ready, waiting to be send to a proof-reader (to fix gram mistakes).

It is still without the title, but I think I’m going to stick to 2:

“The Dulcinea Project”
“The Code Girl”

“The Girl with Pink Hair” doesn’t work, because her hair are dyed, she was never born with pink hair. Of course, considering that she’s not a human, but the Code…she probably could be born with pink hair. But thats not the point of the book. And I’ve tried to make her as human as possible and she believe in it with all her heart. She does have one.

Also the word “girl” in the name of the book is becoming boring. It reminds me about the girl on the train, under the train, jumping from one train to another…the world of girls riding the trains, sucking us in at the bookstores daily. I’m not sure I can handle the name like this. Eh.

What else to add? I dont think I’m some kind of genius and opened a whole new “wow”-world. By the way because english is not my native language I’ve made a choice to show ‘spaces & places’ through feelings and dialogues. 
I can’t say “I’m living my story”. I simply have no time to think about it on a daily basis. Does it mean my book sucks? Nope, I dont think so.

I think it stuck somewhere between “INGENIOUS” and “CRAP”.

The Book Review will be posted tomorrow: time -> unknown. Lol

Time for a cake. Well-deserved!



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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. How are you publishing your book? It’s awesome that you have finished your book. I am working on children’s books and wonder how you are going about this?

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  2. Wowza girl!!!! I am impressed.💥Where have i been? Ah… my own little world. You are rockin’ and i am 👏🏻💥 u for rolling this book out of here.🌎 On pins and needles waiting!!!💥💥

    I cant write a novel even if my life depended on it. Not enough strength or determination (plenty of dreams) so u should know this congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈 is damn sincere!!! 🙌🏼💙🕊

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    • I believe in you. But i hear from a few others, the writing was the easy part. Heres to your future success 🎂 🍰!! So many are rooting for you… and you are inspiring!!! Congratulations again and always. Happy 😃 for you dear!!

      Yes, both of those sell!! I write to keep sane and that is priceless. 😉🎈🎈🎈❤️

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    • Not sure if the writing is easy… i have to edit it, so it will be a nightmare – to find time lol
      I think ppl mean, to sell the book, is the most difficult part…but I’m taking it step by step 🙂 it will be fine at the end and hey, it is a great story lol #mustbepublished haha
      Writing to keep sane – interesting expression 🙂

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  3. Yeah! Cake! Two cakes! Sounds most excellent to have such a long piece of writing behind you. I agree with you about the girl in the title, there are so many already. Anyway, the title is just the first thing someone would see about your book. And the cover. Isn’t it terrible how people tend to choose books by their covers?? I wish you much joy with finishing your book.

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