When does the violence end? — via Revolutionary Musings Blog

I am not going to post an article or a chart about gun violence. I am going to speak from my heart using my own words. I hate having to say this, but today I am heartbroken, sad for the victims but I am also incredibly angry, a furious anger that lawmakers don’t do enough […]

via Mass shootings: When does the violence end? — Revolutionary Musings




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  1. It breaks my heart also. The FBI let him slip through their fingers and everyone wants to blame guns.
    I feel it is caused by a society that just doesn’t care anymore. We have devalued life in this country. Over 600,000 abortions in 2014 (so much for the value of life). Sexual abuse on children is running rampant and no one addresses the root cause. We no longer teach our children responsibility and respect. Athletes can take someone’s life and get an 8 game suspension. No jail sentence and he was drunk. Songs and videos about killing cops and stealing cars and killing innocent bystanders because they would rat you out.
    This is just the tip of the ice berg. I could go on for hours. It is not a gun problem. It is a heart problem. Society has let our children down. I hear all the time,”kids today just have no respect and are lazy.” Parenting wouldn’t have anything to do with that now would it. Got to be the child’s fault. That’s It. I am not the problem. The kids are. It is a sad time.

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    • yes, i think so too, it is a heart problem. and agree with u on ‘we no longer teach our children responsibility and respect’. We believe we do, but I worked in the school and I saw it from the “inside”. I worked with kids age 12-17… often they are saying back to you “the right things”, but they do what they want to and sometimes i wonder how it happened: how they learned to lie so quickly or to hide behind the mask or to spread the hate. I guess from us. Some way they r picking it up from us, people, our society.

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