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Morning routine/ Ayurveda 2

“No medicine can compensate for un-healthy living.”
Renu Chaudhary

I know you think I’m annoying, and you have no time for any routines. But as my mum says: “We do not have any time when we feel well and healthy. But when we feel sick – it is often too late. ” Yeah, she is not the one, who is spreading the positive vibes. Haha

The morning-routine according to Ayurveda starts with Dharana (focus) and Pranayama (breathing), as you know now. If you are a new follower, read the first post here: Ayurveda #1

Cultivate inner silence.
All spiritual traditions speak of the silence within.
When we enter silence, we enter the heart,
and the primordial sound that reverberates there.

Today we continue with Vinyasa.

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using your breath.  Commonly called “FLOW”-yoga.

Vinyasa for VATA:

Cat position: breathe in (B) – breathe out (C) – breathe in (D) – breathe out (E ) = dog position as you see on the photo below. Repeat 5 times from B to E.
Then rest in Balasana (F) (7 breaths ‘in-out’, normal breathing).

Breathing is very important in Vinyasa. Thats why it is called “FLOW”!

Vinyasa for PITTA:

1. Diamond position (sitting on your heels) – 5 full breaths (breathe in & out = 1 full breath)

2. Cat position ( A – start position; B – in, C- out. Repeat 5 times)

3. Sitting cat – ( A – in, B – out. Repeat 5 times )

4. Half-diagonal stretch, one hand behind your back (A – in, B – out. Repeat 5 times (with each hand).

Vinyasa for KAPHA:

A. You are starting in Balasana ( breathe in-out = it will be 1 full breath, repeat 3 times)

B. Dog position – stay there 3 full breaths

C. Plank position – stay there 3 full breaths

D. Dog position – 3 full breaths

E. Get back to Balasana – stay there in 3 full breaths

A to E = 1 LAP.
1 week – do only 1 lap, week #2 – 2 laps, week #3 – 3 laps. Then continue always with 3 laps.

After Vinyasa you can continue with your (=more) yoga. Or you can stop, because dharana + paranyama + vinyasa is quite enough for the beginning. In general, you can try this routine for your dosha (or type of the body) with only 3 elements:

Vinyasa flow

It will take 15-20 minutes. You have to repeat it every day during 8 weeks. Best in the morning or sunset-time.

Remember – none of us exist as an independent being: we are all linked to the universe through the Nature. We are wellness. We are consciousness. These are our natural states. And we have the power to feel better…make your choice!

Oh, and here’s my dinner, what is yours today? 🙂

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