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Psycho – logical tale “Love” #2

The second and final part is here. If you are a new follower, read part #1 -> LOVE #1


5 people. 5 opinions. Mr Love listened Mrs Perv with admiration: a different dimension – wow – that was beyond of the most crazy fantasies.

“How could the part of my body get there, ffs??!!”
“Should be a portal, kinda the door into the other dimension, somewhere in your hotel,” – suggested Mr Perv

Someone wanted him dead. Actually dead. Not pretend dead, but really. Dead-dead-dead.
Mr Love sighed.
“Bang-bang-bang” – came the suspicious noise from the bathroom.


Osama bin Laden
Michael Jackson
Elvis Presley
Barack Obama
Mr Dreamy

Mr. Love looked at the bizarre list of his suspects: “Would they ever do such a harm to my willy?”
He opened the door to the bathroom. Mr Dreamy was still there, upside down, attached to the bottom of Ms SizeDoesntMatter.

D-D-D-Dreamy? I’m speaking to you! Look me in the eye and tell me why you did that.”
“Eh” – the only sound from the ground.
“Please, keep away your ‘naked belongings’ from that side of my face, Ms SizeDoesntMatter!”

She didn’t answer. She couldn’t. Mr. Love thought she might be sick. Everybody is sick. Sex-invasion. From the other dimension.
He got back to the room and looked in the mirror.
“Bang-bang-bang.” Again.
But now it was the sound of Mr. Love’s head.


Mr Love was trapped. In the room 19. How could they lock and leave him, after all what happened between them? He sat down silently.
“I have to tell everything to Sheriff TightPants. He knows me! He will find you, my poor Love!”
He smashed the window and, like a free bird, flew out, intending to meet his destiny.


Sheriff’s Office

“Nice camera system you’ve got out there…Records everything, does it? Can I sit down?” – Mr. Love couldn’t wait to tell his story.

“Oh yes. Everything, “ – Mr TightPants opened a bottle of champagne and continued, – “Tell me what you want to talk about. But remember, it’s a Valentines Day today and I’m very busy.”

“I’ve lost the most precious part of me. And I’m here to report the crime. Because it have been stolen. Against my will!!”

Mr TightPants raised the glass in reply:

“Cheers for that! The name of the lost subject? I have to write it in my report to start the procedure.”
“A cock. Mmmm…Rooster?”
“Nice. I’ve got a cat. How’s the name?”

Mr Love felt uncomfortable. Ashamed:
“It doesn’t have any name yet.”
“Maybe thats why your cock ran away?”

Mr. Love was holding his breath. 11-13-18. Thats how they taught him in the yoga-school last summer.

“How old is the animal? And when the last time you saw him alive?”

Mr TightPants was interrupted by the female voice:
“Jakey, shake your pants, I’ve bought you something sweeeeetttt,” – the woman entered the room and…it was Ms SizeDoesntMatter, but a different one. Dressed in jeans and tight black top, strawberry-designed bra was gone, red hair loose across her shoulders.

Mr. Love stared at her:
Ms SizeDoesntMatter? Give me a hug, my darling!”

Her face went pale:
“Do I know you, Mister? ‘SizeDoesntMatter’ was my last name before the marriage.”

Mr TightPants moved closer to his wife. Listening.

“Married? How that happened?”

“Let me introduce you Mrs SizeDoesMatter, my wife. We are married already 13 years. You know, when I met her at the “Always Yours” hotel, I’ve told her “Darling, you are in America now, you have to get your shit together…and so she became “Mrs SizeDoesMatter” – clarified Mr TightPants.

“Because it does,” – she smiled and made a quick acrobatic move, jumping behind the sheriff’s table. Mr TightPants pulled off  his shirt and followed the wife. 

“Whats in the bag?” – wanted to ask Mr. Love, but they couldn’t hear him anymore.

The desire danced and yelled: Mrs SizeDoesMatter opened the window to throw her clothes out, on the street, to the world. Mr TightPants ended up hanging over the window as well. Completely naked.

“Even good sheriff can do bad things in the office,” – thought Mr Love, waiting when it ends. 


“I’ve got something for you” – new, refreshed Mr TightPants finally got back to his main job.

“About time.”

“There’s no need to be sarcastic. And do you have a recent photo of your ‘animal’? Add the address as well.”

The uncomfortable wave surrounded Mr Love again. To show the truth or to keep it hidden?

“Sure…I mean, it lives right here,” – his finger pointed at the trousers.

Mr TightPants pushed back the chair, idly looking at the pants of Mr Love.

“Well. Let’s see if he is there right now…”

Shaking hands slowly unzipped the trousers.


“I’m impressed. There’s no end to Gods Talents,” – commented Mr. TightPants.

Mr Love looked down. Gosh. Two! Two parts of his missing body looked right back at him. His face changed: finding his Dearest, most Sweetest animal after all the struggles. In a double size. In another dimension.

Mr Love decided it was his time to faint.

Word “suspicious” in the text –  used for a daily prompt
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