Keep your face to the sun…

Yes. It is me again. With my fresh and new Sunshine Award! Didn’t expect it? Lol 
Thanks to this great blogger, called Planet Simon (his web page is really huge, scroll to the categories and you’ll understand what I mean) – enjoy the reading CLICK HERE

1. What in life makes you wonder or dream?
People make me wonder…their actions, emotions, behaviour. 
Dream? Mmmm, music (without words) or words (but without music), and my daily chores: cleaning, walking, washing…

2. What is the 5th song in your current playlist?
I don’t have any playlist.

3. Share a link to your favourite or most viewed post.
Any post on my page. I love all of them.

4. What’s the one thing you want to achieve this year that would make you fist pump? 
Maybe finish my novel or who knows what it will be… Maybe I’ll self-publish it. But mostly I’m writing for myself. 

5. Are you a bloggie that plans or kind of random and get the post out?
I prefer to plan, otherwise I’ll never write anything. I love to spend my time doing nothing, on sofa…so I have to plan things to get it done.

6. What kind of sense of humour do you have? What makes you laugh?
I’m not sure I have a sense of humour. So be careful. Haha
My childhood-friend always told me that I’m very “slow” = don’t get the jokes at all. I mean I can maybe laugh after an hour or on the next day, because yay, I got it! Finally. 
But in the same time – I can “play cool” when I’m in the company. I mean I can entertain and tell the jokes. And people laugh. Surprise!!?? But I wouldn’t say I have a great sense of humour. Nope. I can create a “vibe”around and I can make people believe that I have it in me. I guess because I’m very social. 
What else? I know most of my writings are a little bit odd. But I dont know, thats the way I’m writing I guess. I can’t help it. The style and the stories make me smile. 

7. Did you have a new year’s’ resolution and did you keep it?
I never have New Year resolutions. 

8. If you could be any animal – what would it be?
Human. I’d prefer to be a woman.

9. If you could visit any planet – which one would it be?
Any with a “life” on it. 

10.  Do you believe in love at first sight or attraction at first sight? Only in attraction. Love is more complicated category.

11. What is the most frequently used word in your conversation? It can be a swear word
The words “yes, i know”… I’m using it all day long 🙂 
Probably I know too much lol


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    • 😂😂😂 first – I don’t wanna any Oscar 🙂 & second – only magic will get me there, third – there’s no magic 👻
      I love my awards tho, im speaking ‘truth’ thru them haha
      Btw I re-read yesterday some of my first posts and the are so silly, but still I love them 🙂 😇

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  1. Thank you :)) we are all different of course. I guess I can act and make ppl laugh, but in 95% of cases I dont understand the jokes 🙂 maybe only dirty simple ones..haha
    U r lucky bcz u can laugh and understand the jokes…so in general u r having more fun lol
    and u can just relax and enjoy haha

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