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Psycho – logical tale “Love” #1

(Inspired by the movie “The Mist”, 2007)


“A romantic St. Valentine’s Day in “Always Yours’ Hotel!
“Always Yours” awaits you for the one of the most important days of the year.
If you believe in true love and want to prepare a special surprise for your second half – “Always Yours” Hotel has a special Valentine-offer:
13th of February – room service to all the couples. Get 101 strawberries in a chocolate cream plus 1 bottle of French Champagne delivered to your bed.
14th – Gala-dinner with a special menu from our chef Mr EatOrDie.
After 11pm – dance and live music…”

Mr Love knew the words by heart. It was Mr Dreamy, his assistant, who suggested to advertise via the local magazine “Night Vision”.

“Look, one more couple…I’ve told you, I’ll make your dreams come true!”
Mr Love was shining like a polished plate. He wore a tight white suit and a thick gold necklace: “Let’s get back to work, my friend Dreamy!”

The couple have carried 2 huge golf bags. The man coughed and gave a tight, twitchy look to his lady. Then smiled, showing the glint of a diamond set in his front tooth:
Mr and Mrs Perv
“Of course. You are number 14 today. Ah, let me show you the room. What’s in the bags?”
The woman fixed the eyes on one of the bags:
“Just stuff. Creepy. Hm, why on the key is number 18?”
Mr. Love didn’t know anything about the golf, but he always wanted to learn. He laughed:
“Lovely. But it is February, my birds, and 40 inches snow outside. 18 is the number of your room, young lady. When I said you are 14th – I meant the last names. Ho-ho-ho..”

There was zero reaction to his “ho-ho-ho”. Mr Love blinked:
‘He – he -he..?”
The sound of “He” has also died in the air.
Mr and Mrs Perv have left as quickly as they arrived.


“Madame, let me help you…” – Mr Love waved from the corner of the reception-room. 

The woman didn’t notice him at first. She turned, met his eyes and gave him a slow smile:
“My name is Ms SizeDoesntMatter, – she said. – I’ve booked the room a week ago.”
“Are you German?” – the eyes of Mr Dreamy have been glued to her strawberry-designed bra, the epitome of every men’s fantasy.
“Fascinating…” – added Mr Dreamy again.

Mr Love didn’t like the way Mr Dreamy looked at his hotel guest.


“Olympics sucking my balls this year! If I’d be there I’d show them how to…” – Mr Dreamy almost swallowed the last words, when he touched his gelled hair and little pencil-moustache.

Mr Love have checked the screen twice. No changes. Camera in the room 17 – busy, on the bed. Room 18 – busy, under the bed. Room 19 – Ms SizeDoesntMatter was still sitting alone, in the dark room. Naked. Meditating.

“She is so ready for love…” – he sensed her presence. Everywhere.
“What did you say, Mr Love?”
“I’m going to check the empty rooms, Mr Dreamy. Do not call me! If anything important – just text.”

THAT kind of determination, to fasten the naked body of Ms SizeDoesntMatter to the cold wall, by his strong love, he didn’t feel for ages… 
He started to run. He couldn’t wait to make her “happy”.

When Ms SizeDoesntMatter opened the door, she kind of ‘sucked’ him in, with the help of her breasts. Hugged him tightly and began her journey to the hero of the day.

The silence. Why?

“Continue, please ” – he pushed her hand closer. – “My Generale needs attention. Ho-ho-ho!”
“There’s nothing here,” – whispered a shocked voice.
Mr Love looked down. The instrument of love was gone. He filled the lungs with the air:

3 people arrived at the door of the room #19.
Mr Perv tied up Mr Love to the chair. Then he’ve noticed a body of Mr Dreamy, who couldn’t survive the view and fainted right in the middle of the room.
Mr Perv asked Ms SizeDoesntMatter to bring the first aid, but she told him she’ve got something better. By “something better” she meant sitting on the face of poor Mr Dreamy, who woke up very unexpectedly, and started to get into the play.

Ms Perv and Mr Perv jumped on the bed too. What’s next? 

“Nooooo!!” – Mr Love closed the eyes. He wanted to faint as well. He wanted someone to sit on his face too. – “Anybody?Any-body????” 

Two busy couples. One lonely Mr Love. 
The wind was stroking the emptiness of his trousers…


“Leave me alone, Dreamy! Fk YOU! I hate you all!”
“You are too drunk, Mr Love. Its still 14th, we have a dinner and live-music…”

Ms SizeDoesntMatter knocked on the door:
“Hello! I have found something in my bathroom. I think it is important.”
“Let me see it first, I don’t want Mr Dreamy to faint again… I’m not sure if I’ll survive the view of your hips moving on his ugly face.”
“What do you mean, Mr Love? It was just a first help…”
“Theres only one person in the room who need the help. Me! Now let me see what you’ve discovered in the bathroom, Ms SizeDoesntMatter.

It was a dirty piece of the sheet with a words: “I’ve got 2 of them on my end. Do something! Mr. Love”

The end of this story – tomorrow 🙂 because it’s too long/


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