Stop asking me ‘what about men?’ 

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Everyone who follows my blog knows that my best work is written in rage, or port. But Christmas has gone now so no more port.
Well, at least I still have rage. So back to that.

Recently I have been getting increasingly frustrated with ‘whataboutery’ every single time I write or speak about women or girls.
For those of you who don’t know what that word means, ‘whataboutery’ is when someone responds to a difficult issue or question with a counter issue or question that completely derails the conversation.

Mai: My research focussed on the murder of women in Yemen
Randomer: uh, this is a bit sexist. What about the murder of men in Yemen? Don’t you care about men?

Example 2:
Pam: I’m really upset with you for stealing from my purse
Mel: What about that time you stole from the local shop? You’re not innocent…

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  1. The bottom line is, you choose what you want to blog about. You have a right to explore the subject in the way you want, If you were writing some sort of treatise or something, exploring all angles of any subject, it wouldn’t be a blog and we probably wouldn’t read it. I always figure, if someone asks questions, even dumb questions … “yay, somebody read it!”
    Maybe they didn’t understand it, but woohoo … metrics!

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  2. I had that all the time when I blogged about my experiences on dating sites. “So many of these guys are liars!” Then someone would tell me that women on dating sites lie too. Well, I wasn’t looking for women, so how would I know and why would I be writing about that? They could write about lying women on their own blogs. Super annoying!

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  3. Sometimes it looks like all the focus is on women and children and thats taking a very wild energy from men, some one asked me why do you always take side of women, you are such a feminist but No , men are also very important to me because i have brothers, male friends and fathers,so please don’t ask me ,what about men? Nice post

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