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Allow me to be me…

“Meanwhile, allow me to be me
….in all forms.”  Faith Tigere

How is your Saturday?
My Saturday continues in Stockholm, at the books store. So far I bought 4 books (yesterday evening): 1 non -fiction (science), 1 young adult, and 2 crime novels.

I promise to post the pictures from my short trip, but I can’t promise it will happen tonight. But of course, before Monday.

What can you expect next week on this blog?
1. It is a Valentine-week so of course my new psycho-logical tale about Mr Love. I dont know what I’ll write yet, and honeslty have no ideas. Haha
2. As always the book – review of a very “femalish” novel “Mocka”. I read it in swedish, but as I understood the author is ‘english-french’ so I’m sure there’s an english version as well.
3. An essay based on the book of Rebecca Solnit (I honestly dont know who she is, I didnt google her yet) but the book made me cry. It is a non-fiction, real stories, about us, women. About the role of the silence in our daily lives. And the situation in USA (with a guns).
4. I’ll post a second part of my Ayurveda/yoga mourning-routine: vinyasa flow/yoga/ for vata, pitta, kapha. 
I’m planning to write a post “Why dont we like to talk about sex?” (scientific) but only if I have time, otherwise I’ll do it after 18/2.
Do not forget I have a second blog where I post 3 times a week as well.

Here’s a poem for you.
The story behind it.
I was commenting on  Dronstad Blog ( he’s planning to send his stories to editor soon and he want a feedback, so if you read only 1 story and write a couple of words he’d sure appretiate it. It is mostly a military fiction or cyberpunk…dont ask me what is cyberpunk – I dont know haha), and I told him about the program for a synonym-check and when I opened that program in my browser – I saw there was already a word, kinda written (ouch, I didn’t write a shit lol). The word was – nightmare and, of course, as usually in the dictionary it was a mention bellow – it is a noun.

I dont know, peeps, it was too funny…and I wrote the poem, while still commenting with a Dronstad Blog.
Here it is.
And enjoy your day!

Nightmare is a noun.
No legs
to take a walk.
No hands
to hug you tighter.
No dreams
to share on the shelves.
No fantasy
to sparkle on the sheets.

Nightmare is a noun
Of nothing, 
But a fear.


To fear is a verb.
And when a verb is real,
It might burn down your life, 
Or kneel,
Or kill, 
Or chew you,
…………………… a tasty meal.

Haha 🙂


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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Painting. Meditation/Yoga. I love my life.
"It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters" A. Ray

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  1. I don’t really knw if it’s the poem or the featured pix I love more. 😁 the pix jst so funny. Well I love the poem a great deal. Another dimension of writing seems. It’s unique. A good take on both words.

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