Dear, You.

Did it happen to you? read this short cool poem and enjoy your Saturday :))


I awoke this morning with the feeling
that something dreaded happened.
Not that something will happen-
But did happen. Later today.
Like a book that’s already been written
and we all need to wait to find out
what it was.
Now, I’m left hoping what happened
Didn’t happen to you.

-M. Taggart


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  1. This Tuesday….I walked out of my house. I had a strange feeling. Something wasn’t right. Came back three hours later. Police, fire engines, EMS were there. My friend (neighbor), was found dead. She may have had a heart attack. Lived there alone. Found in her bed, in pajamas. Sudden, without warning. No underlying disease. Now gone! I am devastated! Yes, like your poem says….”the feeling something dreaded happened”. I had a feeling. 😦

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