Unhappy Valentine (18+)

Read my new play (18+), tomorrow as I said I’m going to Stockholm. Next post about the trip – Saturday. Hugs 🤗

Luke Copyright

A play (quickly written during coffee-pause)


Mr. Valentine de Amour – 46yo, charming, bald but with a beard, dentist.
Mrs. Patience de Amour– his wife, 36yo, a receptionist at the Grand Hotel
9 children
Ms UnderPressure – his assistant, 25, too blonde and too leggy.
Ms LoudNoise – a waitress at the cafeteria, 21, studying in the art college
Ms FishyHell – the old lady, 95+, retired, living alone with a terrier-dog
Ms Supernova – a cleaner in the cafeteria, 45+, skinny but tall – 6,1’, divorced
Ms OffTheRails – a teacher, 38yo, never been married

Scene 1.

Morning. On the way out, between the yelling kids.

Valentine: Darling, I’ve told you to book the table for 9 pm. My schedule today is crazy. I have a new patient as well. You know it takes time with a new people. They are so delicate..
Patience: If…

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